I Took My Grandchildren to PADDINGTON


I Took My Grandchildren to PADDINGTON

By David Outten

One of the great joys of being a grandparent is to spend quality time making lasting memories. I love art day with grandpa where we paint or make things in clay. One of the kid’s favorite grandpa games is hunting for hidden Happy Meal toys in a dark house using flashlights. I’m famed for building huge towers with blocks, and I still play hide and seek. It can be quite a challenge to hide when grandpa’s 6’ 6” tall.

Last weekend I was invited to a screening of PADDINGTON and took my son and his daughter. We loved it. It was quality family time.

This weekend I took my wife and three more grandchildren. Leaving the theater my four-year-old grandson said, “That was awesome, awesome.” My wife and my other grandchildren all had to pick out their favorite moments…and there were plenty.

I’ll be buying several cuts of the soundtrack music, which was the best I’ve heard in a long time. I expect to buy the DVD the day it comes out. I’m certain my grandchildren and I will enjoy PADDINGTON again and again.

PADDINGTON is one of the rare movies that features a father, a mother and their children in a rousing adventure. Each of the family members is charming in their own way and has the opportunity to do something heroic. The tension in the story is very similar to Pixar’s UP. Paddington is threatened by someone out to turn him into a stuffed museum display. His adopted family must save him.

This is the kind of movie we would like to see more of: high quality, family entertainment.

At the presentation, we saw previews for several upcoming animated movies. Most, I have no desire to take my grandchildren to see. I get tired of dark forests and villains that look like something out of a nightmare.

While Paddington, the bear, is obviously animated, the movie feels like a live action movie compared to Pixar, Disney and DreamWorks offerings. Does anyone remember the days of SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON when a live family could have a great adventure? PADDINGTON is that kind of movie.

If you want more such movies made, like I do. Please go enjoy PADDINGTON. Read the review here.

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