Ukraine Bans ‘BRUNO’ Movie!

The country of Ukraine, freed from the grip of the Communists, has banned the movie BRUNO as “morally dangerous.”

Nine of 14 members of Ukraine’s culture commission voted for the total ban.

“The film contains unjustified showing of genital organs and sexual relations,” the ministry of culture said in a letter to the movie’s Ukrainian distributor, “and shows heterosexual acts and homosexual perversions in an explicitly realist manner.”

The movie also has “sadistic manifestations which could damage the morality of citizens.”

Good for Ukraine! It is exactly correct in its description of the pornographic, completely unacceptable nature of this sick movie.

Of course, this news may be no surprise to supporters of MOVIEGUIDE®, since our publisher and founder, Dr. Ted Baehr, has visited Ukraine twice in the past three years to tell the country’s leaders about the huge influence that movies and the entertainment industry have on the attitudes, ideas and behavior of children and adults.

–, 07/15/09.


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