WAR ROOM’s Karen Abercrombie Discusses Faith in Hollywood and Her New Movie

Photo from Karen Abercrombie’s Instagram

WAR ROOM’s Karen Abercrombie Discusses Faith in Hollywood and Her New Movie

By Movieguide® Staff

Actress Karen Abercrombie, known for her role in the prayer-filled WAR ROOM, said that she wants to steer people toward the healing power of Christ in her new movie, DISCARDED THINGS.

“When the life of Grace Wyatt, an esteemed music professor, is disrupted by tragedy, she finds herself thrown out of her lavish academic world and into the harsh reality of teaching at-risk youth,” the movie’s synopsis reads on IMDb.

Abercrombie said that her time spent as a foster parent changed her perspective on caring for children and young adults.

“I had been a foster mother, my family with me, my husband and son, that one son, we were foster parents for many years,” Abercrombie told CBN in a recent interview. “The whole process was so insightful and we found that people just did not want to take a chance on the older children.”

She continued: “They were so afraid that there were so smart and that they couldn’t be healed, or that you couldn’t impress good things upon, so I just wanted to address that.”

Abercrombie noted that some Christian movies that address themes of forgiveness and healing turn a blind eye to the painful realities of life. However, in DISCARDED THINGS, Abercrombie wanted to show the existence of a sinful world and still show hope in Christ.

“We see a lot of films that come out of the Christian realm, everything is easily tied up in a bow and the people just don’t handle the edgy or pretty ugly things. So we needed to do that because God is about healing, across the board.”

Abercrombie produced the movie under her production company Earth Mother Entertainment. Abercrombie claims that it has allowed her to express her faith within the entertainment industry.

“It’s interesting, actually, that is one of the reasons I ended up forming my own production company, because I refused to use the gifts I’ve been given to perpetuate the mean, the nasty the ugly,” Abercrombie said. “That’s how I ended up even producing in the first place, and I learned that I actually liked the process.”

Abercrombie added that standing firm in what she believes is not hard, so long as she prays and remembers that entertainment is her “passion” and “strength.”

“That is how God uses me in ministry,” Abercrombie concluded.

In 2015, Movieguide® Awarded WAR ROOM with the Epiphany Prize at the annual Awards Gala.

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