Warner Bros. CEO Announces 10-Year Plan For DC Content: ‘We Are Going to Focus On Quality’

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Warner Bros. CEO Announces 10-Year Plan For DC Content: ‘We Are Going to Focus On Quality’

By Movieguide® Contributor

The announcement of BATGIRL’s cancelation made waves online, leaving fans confused about what the future could hold for other DC comic book movies. 

“We’ve done a reset,” Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav said of the decision to shelve BATGIRL. He also shared that the company would be coming up with a “10-year” plan for DC. 

“We are going to focus on quality. We are not going to release any film before it’s ready,” Zaslav explained. “DC is something we can make better.”

So, what DC projects are safe from the chopping block?

Insiders say season 2 of PEACEMAKER is still going forward, as well BLUE BEETLE, BLACK ADAM, and AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM. THE FLASH is on the line, while JOKER is getting a sequel, with Lady Gaga co-starring. 

If Warner Bros. wants to see these projects succeed at the box office, they need to remove the darker elements and instead include more inspirational content. Gratuitous elements such as violence, language and sexual content hurt their box office bottom line.

The studio clearly has some knowledge that this excessive content will affect their profits, choosing to cancel BATGIRL, which boasted DC’s first on-screen transgender character.

Movieguide® previously reported on BATGIRL’s cancellation:

Although major motion picture cancellations are not foreign in Hollywood, Warner Bros.’s cancellation of their upcoming DC superhero blockbuster BATGIRL shocked many in the entertainment industry.

Not only did BATGIRL conclude filming, but it also boasted several respected Hollywood talents like Leslie Grace as the titular character, Micheal Keaton reprising his role as Batman, with additional roles played by J.K. Simmons and Brendan Fraser.

The movie was set to release on HBO Max due to a relatively low budget for a superhero movie at $70 million. Despite COVID-19 pushing their budget from $75 million to over $90 million, no one expected Warner Bros. to scrap the completed project after only a few early audience screenings.

“They think an unspeakable Batgirl is going to be irredeemable,” one source said, according to PinkNews.

But why?

According to Variety, the decision is partly due to the change in leadership at Warner Bros.

However, there may be a specific reason why Warner Bros. did not believe in BATGIRL’s theatrical success.

It was well known before release that BATGIRL would introduce DC Films’ first transgender character, played by transgender actor Ivory Aquino.

Whether studios want to state their motive, they know that catering to a small minority audience will not result in the most profit—as evidenced by Disney Pixar’s LIGHTYEAR.

LIGHTYEAR disappointed fans and underperformed at the box office due to its focus on sex over story.

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