WARNING: Don’t Take Your Daughter to BARBIE

Poster courtesy of MPA

WARNING: Don’t Take Your Daughter to Barbie

By Movieguide® Staff

The new BARBIE movie forgets its core audience of families and children while catering to nostalgic adults and pushing transgender character stories.

Furthermore, the movie was poorly made with multiple premises, losing even the most die-hard fans.

To make an appealing movie, executives must define their audience. For Barbie, there was a built-in audience of little girls and merchandise for the movie.

“They had a built-in market and audience for this franchise that they completely ignored,” said a Movieguide® staff member. “Millions of families would have turned out to the theaters and purchased tickets, but instead, Mattel chose to cater to a small percentage of the population who has proven over and over to abandon the box office. Movieguide®’s 40 years of research indicate this just isn’t true, and Mattel has made a grievous mistake.”

Families need to know how bad this is. Not only is it a missed business opportunity for a beloved brand, the movie itself is badly made.

Mattel distributed the movie through Warner Bros., which is not the only studio to forget its core audience.

Pixar and Disney recently suffered severe losses with ELEMENTAL, which also promoted LGBT characters. ELEMENTAL had the lowest opening of any PIXAR movie ever. Disney’s last eight studio releases have lost the company more than $900 million as they continue to move away from family-friendly values.

These studios perform best when they make movies that promote pro-family and biblical values. Even the Barbie cartoon movies promote redemption, compassion, team work, kindness to strangers, self-sacrifice and more. Parents trust the brand, and that is why they must know the truth about the upcoming movie.

Movieguide®’s full review of BARBIE will be available soon.

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