What Should the Christian Response Be to Hallmark?

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What Should the Christian Response Be to Hallmark?

By Michael Howell, Contributing Writer

The last I remember, Jesus never hurt someone financially, physically or otherwise in order for them to believe in Him. The premise of hurting someone in one of these ways indicates that, through such an action, someone will repent and see the evil of their ways.

I believe this concept originated with unbelievers. Certainly, the efforts of LGBTQ and other have been to threaten, boycott or otherwise hurt someone they don’t see as being friendly to the cause.

However, we must remember their goal is not to bring salvation into someone’s life, but rather to tear them down, strike fear in their hearts in order for them to become politically correct so their sin can propagate and their movement grow.

Why do we as Christians use the same tools the world uses for fear and in the hopes of creating an environment favorable for salvation and eternal life? Paul said it best when he referred to the war between flesh and the spirit. The use of these worldly tools points to a faith based more on fear and fleshly control than one of faith and walking in the spirit.

Why do Christians who supposedly love others and want them to come to salvation react the way they do to Hallmark? Mainly because they feel like they have lost best friend instead of a channel or restaurant like Chick-fil-A.

One of these entities focused on good content; the other on godly principles. Other businesses like CBS, NBC or Netflix, for example, are not known for taking a biblical position. We know they don’t care, but when someone who takes the position Hallmark or Chick-fil-A took, we react with a wave of emotion when they seem to be capitulating to sinful behavior or content.

Question: Doesn’t this speak more to our own insecurities as Christians than to the situation at hand?

Or perhaps we are just so tired of losing all the time that we’ve reached a breaking point.

Either way, it shows a profound lack of maturity in one’s walk with the Lord, because our reactions are based in the emotions of the flesh instead of the peace of the Spirit. Why? Because we already know the world is going to go this way. Read the Bible. If that is true, then our reaction should not be too persecute, but rather to save, to get as many people off the ship as possible before it sinks.

Attacking turns the beautiful action of salvation into a sordid back-alley transaction.

So why then, are people reacting so negativity to Movieguide® being on Hallmark? We mentioned some reasons above, but this is mostly because they don’t understand who Movieguide® is and why we exist.

Simply put, we are missionaries in a media missionary field. As Christians and evangelists, we should run to trouble–not run from it. We should encourage our brothers and sisters not accuse them or flag Movieguide® on Facebook. The very least you could do is ask us why we are doing what we are before passing judgement.

The reactions we have experienced point to a dismal lack of spiritual maturity, but I want to take this a step further.

Was Paul wrong for going to Rome and preaching in a city known for its paganism? What about all the martyrs before us who gave their lives preaching the word of God. What about all those in the Middle East whose throats were slit and their heads taken from their bodies? Did it ever occur to anybody on Facebook that we are on Hallmark with a show that is openly Christian so that Hallmark management and those who watch Hallmark could receive the Word of God? Should have Paul never spoken in pagan temple if invited?

As Christians, do you really believe Movieguide® should leave Hallmark and just give the ground away to the LGBTQ forces? If so, let me remind you that 11 men with faith in God and Christ conquered the Roman empire. Today, if you go to Rome you will see cross atop many of the buildings. What if they didn’t run to trouble? What if they had just given up?

How do know all of this? Because I was recently once like you. Now there is a difference between what Movieguide® is doing and a consumer not wanting to support a brand. If you disagree with Chick-fil-A, and they don’t change, are you wrong for not buying their product? No, you are not. Is it the best way to affect change? No, it isn’t. What would God have you do?

If you don’t want to support Movieguide®, if you don’t understand what we are doing, then that is your decision. But, don’t continue attack and pretend that somehow it is what Christ wants–because it’s not.

Here is a solution: Instead of attacking, write a letter once a week talking about the positive things Movieguide® does to honor God, market to Christians, spread the Gospel in the entertainment industry, etc.

Let us be different, because we are different. Let’s not use the tools of the flesh to affect change, but use the Spirit within us. If He is for us, who can stand against us? Do we believe that? If so, then out actions should match up.

One final thing: As long as we are fighting against one another, we will lose.

Ask yourself this question: How did only 2% to 3% of the population get same-sex marriage passed? Because they understood what Christians don’t–the ability, in spite of differences, to come together and unify to accomplish a goal.



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