What To Catch On Netflix Before It’s Gone!


What To Catch On Netflix Before It’s Gone This August!




In the movie THE SANDLOT, young Scott Smalls moves to a new California neighborhood and attempts to make friends with the eight boys who play sandlot baseball. Each of the boys, including their leader, Benny, takes baseball very seriously, so when Scott finally gets his opportunity to play with them, he finds himself humiliated because he can neither catch nor throw the ball…



Mr. Peabody is a genius dog who’s adopted a little boy named Sherman. Sherman was just left in an alleyway in a box, and Peabody found him there. After adopting Sherman, Peabody made a machine that could take them back in to time, called the Wabac Machine. Mr. Peabody takes Sherman on historical adventures to learn about history…



ZATHURA is a delightful space adventure geared to families. Two bickering boys, Danny, age 6, and Walter, age 10, uncover an old tattered metal board game. The game pummels their dad’s house with a meteor shower and catapults the house into outer space….



THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS is the inspiring true-life story of Chris Gardner’s pursuit of not one, but two dreams: financial success and everything that that could bring to the life of both he and his son, and the other is to end the cycle in his family of the absentee father. The pursuit of both of these dreams is what makes this an important movie about one man’s American and family dream come true…


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