Why Family-Friendly Content Options Started to Matter More to Actress Cara Gee

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Why Family-Friendly Content Options Started to Matter More to Actress Cara Gee

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Family-friendly content options matter more to THE CALL OF THE WILD actress Cara Gee now that she’s about to become a mother.

Gee plays Françoise in the upcoming adventure movie THE CALL OF THE WILD and sat down for a roundtable interview. The movie opens the same week as Gee’s due date which will add an additional role to her everyday life.

“Now [family-friendly content] definitely has taken on a different meaning, especially looking at the reference for the natural role about the next generation,” Gee explained.

While Movieguide® is not certain of Gee’s specific religious beliefs or social stances, it’s evident that Gee is putting more intentional thought into how she will raise her child.

Gee’s role as a dog sled musher in THE CALL OF THE WILD required her to do physical activities she couldn’t do now that she’s with child, including some moments that required her to stay underwater.

“I actually became a certified scuba diver,” Gee said referring to a scene where her character gets trapped under ice. “I worked one on one with a man named Casey, who is a former navy seal and [a] dive master.”

Gee referred to the experience as an “amazing opportunity.”

“It’s so rare to actually do something that is legitimately kind of scary,” Gee relayed. “I was not a swimmer. I never opened my eyes underwater before [doing this part].”

Along with Gee’s action sequences, THE EXPANSE star also had to pretend that a former Cirque du Solei performer named Terry was the dog Buck in the movie. “[Terry is] physically incredibly talented when he runs on all fours. If you see it in your peripheral vision, you think it was a dog.” Gee complemented, “All of that soulfulness that we feel from Buck in the film is because of Terry’s acting.”

Even though Gee’s character is no stranger to dogs, she doesn’t own one herself. “My husband wants a dog very badly,” Gee mentioned. “So [we were] talking about getting one and now we’re gonna have a baby first.”

Congratulations to the expectant parents!

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