Why Sadie Robertson Huff and Husband Christian Try to Have Their Eyes Open to God 24/7

Photo from Sadie Robertson Huff’s Instagram

Why Sadie Robertson Huff and Husband Christian Try to Have Their Eyes Open to God 24/7

By Movieguide® Staff

Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband, Christian, are getting in the Christmas Spirit by considering how the parable of the Good Samaritan applies right now.

“Christian and I definitely have a huge heart for giving to other people,” Robertson Huff told World Vision. “The Bible talks about loving your neighbor as yourself. Who’s your neighbor? I think everyone is our neighbor that we get put in contact with. So Christian and I try to have our eyes open to God [to show us] who do we need to give to, where do we need to give to and what things do we see making a huge impact.”

Robertson Huff designed a wraparound ring for the World Vision gift catalog this year.

For the Huffs, Christmas is an excellent time to really share the love of Christ, especially given the struggles so many people have faced in 2020.

“I think giving back this year is hugely important–maybe even more important now that we’re in a global pandemic,” Robertson Huff said. “For all of us, it might be scary to us. The first thing that happens when panic sinks in is, you kind of get a little bit of scarcity. You want to hang on to the stuff that you have, but it’s so important to think about the people who literally have nothing, who don’t have a choice between whether they’re going to get water that day or food that day or education in their lifetime.

“So I think now more than ever, it’s super important that if we do have anything to give [from] an overflow that we’re able to give. This holiday season is a unique one, just like 2020 has been a unique year. I encourage you, be more intentional with how you love people,” Robertson Huff said.

Robertson Huff said this season is also a time to love more intentionally.

“There are people hurting,” she said. “There are people who have had tough years. Maybe you haven’t seen it on the outside, but man, so many people are walking through things we couldn’t even tell from the outside. Just love deeper, love more intentionally 24/7, keep your eyes open to how you can be a good example to somebody else or how you can just spread holiday cheer.”

Robertson Huff shared how they plan to make the most of the holiday season by keeping Christ and their family at the center.

“I want to encourage you, let love be the celebration. Let all of you together be a celebration,” she said. “Whether it’s your whole family gets to be together–maybe it’s just you and your husband, you and your wife, you and your kids–I think this could be a really sweet time when we look back at this time.

“What are we going to remember? We’re going to remember something, so hopefully it’s that we embrace each other, we love each other and we continue to celebrate the reason for the season and each other in our lives.”

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