Will Georgia’s Film Tax Credit Cap Help Conservatives?

Will Georgia’s Film Tax Credit Cap Help Conservatives?

By Movieguide® Contributor

Georgia’s Senate Finance Committee has added a cap of $900 million for film tax credits, and many are praising their decision, including Americans for Prosperity. 

These tax credits are offered on a state-by-state basis to encourage in-state film production. The incentives began in the 1990s after many movie productions moved to countries like Canada to save money. 

The Senate committee voted to pass an amendment that would cap the amount of money a movie production can receive as a film tax credit. 

Movie productions can receive millions of dollars, just by agreeing to make their movies in certain states.

For example, in the fiscal year of 2021, Georgia awarded over $1.2 billion in tax credits; dozens of Marvel projects have been filmed in the state. New York comes in second for the most-awarded-credits, giving out $420 million. 

“This is exactly the right move by the Senate Finance Committee,” Americans for Prosperity said. “It’s fiscally responsible to place a cap on this runaway program. It will save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars per year and make the possibility of future tax reductions that much more likely.” 

In addition to capping the amount of tax credits, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Hufstetler is also proposing that they ban movie studios from selling the credits they can’t use to other studios. Without the ability to transfer credits, studios would only be able to use a fraction of the credits they earn. 

“To me, there’s big problems with the program, but what we’re saying is, in the meantime, let’s put a reasonable cap in place on this to keep it from getting out of control,” he said.

Georgia’s tax laws and credits have been the subject of much discussion over the last few years.

“All this political hubbub, however, overlooks a major question about the whole issue. Why are states like Georgia giving ANY tax benefits to these rich Hollywood companies anyway?” Movieguide® staff wrote in a previous op-ed.

Movieguide® Founder and Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr said, “The unintended consequence of not redeeming Hollywood is a loss of the voting base to keep conservative and Christian ideals at the forefront of our political structure. Failure in Hollywood will without a doubt result in a devastating loss in Christian representation in the government.” Movieguide® doesn’t support schemes to create tax havens for Big Media companies in Hollywood in states like Texas or Georgia. Especially since so much of the entertainment coming from Hollywood contains so much offensive politically correct content, foul language, extreme violence, substance abuse, and explicit sex.

“If we lose the hearts and minds of the voting base by failing to inspire and uplift the good, the true and the beautiful, we will only have ourselves to blame as well as the gross self-indulgence and arrogance of the politicians who left God behind and put themselves in the role of the savior and messiah,” Dr. Baehr added. “Without the redemption of Hollywood, the conservative politicians and parties are the walking dead.”

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