WONDER WOMAN Actress Gal Gadot to Portray WWII Christian Hero

Photo Courtesy of Gal Gadot on Instagram

WONDER WOMAN Actress Gal Gadot to Portray WWII Christian Hero

By Allyson Vannatta, Staff Writer

WONDER WOMAN actress Gal Gadot will return to the big screen to play the role of a Polish woman who saved thousands of Jewish children from the Nazis during World War II.

The movie, IRENA SENDLER, is a historical thriller that follows Sendler on her quest to save 2,500 Jewish children from the Nazis in Poland.

Gadot will play Sendler, a Christian social services director in Warsaw.

Sendler’s liberation mission started when she made false documents for Jews and launched a rescue network.

According to irenasendler.org, Sendler was captured by the Gestapo and almost killed in 1943. However, she escaped prison and went into hiding for the rest of the war.

Sendler died in 2008.

Gadot and her husband, Jaron Varsano, recently launched Pilot Wave, the production company behind the movie.

“As producers, we want to help bring stories that have inspired us to life,” Gadot and husband Varsano said of the company.

Gadot is an Israeli actress, singer and model, who was born into a Jewish family. Her maternal grandparents were survivors of the Holocaust.

The actress is most well known for her role as WONDER WOMAN, which has another installment, WONDER WOMAN 1984, hitting theaters in 2020.

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