Content: +1 Discernment required for young children.

What You Need To Know:

ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD is the endearing story of a 11-year-old boy who prays that God will help the hopelessly inept California Angels baseball team win the pennant. The film portrays an uplifting, positive message of faith and the courage to depend on that faith, even when feelings tell us otherwise. Beautiful special effects and a positive portrayal of angels and God are marred by one minor sexual innuendo and a small amount of offensive language.


(B, L, S, A, M, AB, H) Strong biblical worldview with positive depiction of angels as helpers commissioned by God in answer to prayer; 4 obscenities & 1 exclamatory profanity (barely audible); 1 mild sexual innuendo; alcohol use; cigarette smoking; some possible heretical viewpoints of God as questioned by young child; and, humanistic approach to salvation suggested.

More Detail:

ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD is an endearing remake of a 1951 film. In the 1994 PG-rated version, the angels are dispatched to help the failing California Angels baseball team as a result of prayer from 11-year-old Roger. Roger, having been abandoned by his father, is living in a foster care facility. After his father’s sarcastic promise that they will be a “family” again when the Angels win the pennant, Roger begins seeing the celestial beings help the miserable team by assisting in miraculous plays. Confiding in the team’s crusty manager, the two work together to make sure the angels have their way, and the result is a good-hearted, uplifting, biblical film.

ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD is packed with positive messages. The special effects are astounding and beautiful. There are, however, some elements that will warrant some discussion between Christian parents and children to make sure the portrayal of God and His kingdom is deciphered accurately amid some possibly humanistic philosophies. However, there are more parallels to the Bible than not, and the picture the film paints of a loving God is undeniable. A charming film, it is regrettably marred by one minor sexual innuendo and a small amount of offensive language that is discouraged. Additionally, there is a clear contrast between answered prayer and superstition.