Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

In CAMP NOWHERE a group of adolescents deceive their parents and form their own summer camp where there are no rules, no adults and no limits. This movie is filled with objectionable content and ideology, ranging from foul language, deceit, pagan overtones, and use of alcohol by minors to a theme suggesting that consequences of illegal actions can be avoided if the perpetrators stick together.


(NA, LL, SS, A, FR, M) Contemporary, valueless Paganism; 3 obscenities, 7 profanities & 9 vulgarities; 2 sexual innuendoes, implied use of pornography by adolescents, 2 scenes of kissing between 14-year-olds & implied fornication by adults; purchase of beer by minor condoned by adult & wine use at dinner without abuse; pagan dance by children around bonfire & eastern religion portrayed with shadow puppets; children lie to parents, show disrespect for parents & grandparents; and, overall message saying that if children stick together they can escape consequences from breaking law & disobeying parents.

More Detail:

In CAMP NOWHERE, 13-year-old Morris “Mud” Himmel and his friends are facing yet another summer at absurd “theme” camps. When they figure out that for the amount of money their parents are spending they could rent their own camp, they plot to do just that. With the help of ex-drama teacher Dennis Van Welker, who impersonates owners of similar camps, the four friends and thirty or so of their classmates all scam their parents and wind up in a camp with no rules, no supervision and no accountability.

Hollywood Pictures serves up an ANIMAL HOUSE for pre-teens, another movie where kids are smarter than adults. Parents beware: Extremely dangerous ideas and images exist in CAMP NOWHERE and due to its seemingly harmless PG rating, this movie may wind up in the hands of unsuspecting neighbors or baby-sitters. CAMP NOWHERE is filled not only with objectionable content but it provides a constant stream of ideology that plays against any respect for authority it all. With foul language, sexual innuendo, use of pornography by children, adults buying beer for children, strong pagan overtones, and a theme that suggests no consequences for illegal actions, this is a movie that should be seen “nowhere.”