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In CHASING PAPI, a frothy Latino comedy in English, three beautiful women discover they're all dating the same man. CHASING PAPI is a mildly amusing comedy with some light objectionable elements.


(FeFe, H, Pa, O, Ho, LL, V, M) Solid, but mostly apolitical, feminist worldview with humanist and pagan connotations, as well as references to astrology, effeminate beauty pageant manager wears makeup and handsome man gets brief attention from homosexual men; five light obscenities, one strong profanity, and seven light profanities; comic violence includes brief slapping, tripping, accidental hitting, and pointing guns; some passionate kissing and close dancing, and women show up at man's apartment for a sexy rendezvous that gets interrupted; no nudity, but some female cleavage and women in underwear; alcohol use; no smoking; and, lying and gangsters threaten people.

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CHASING PAPI is a frothy Latino concoction in English. Though rated PG, it has some light sensual elements and foul language, plus a feminist point of view.

In the story, handsome advertising executive Tomas Fuentes is secretly, and simultaneously, dating three beautiful women: a young New York heiress named Patricia, a Miami barmaid who wants to be a dancer named Cici, and a Chicago lawyer named Lorena. They all call Tomas their “Papi Chulo,” or “beautiful man,” a Spanish term of endearment. All three women decide to travel to Los Angeles to surprise Papi, who has been prescribed tranquilizers so he can handle his hectic schedule.

After being confronted by all three at his apartment, Papi passes out from taking two many tranquilizers. The car Cici is driving for a friend then turns out to be a stolen car with a bag full of money in the trunk. While the three women wait for Papi to wake up and choose between them, they discover, to their surprise, a growing friendship developing among each other. A couple of mean but incompetent gangsters looking for the money in the car complicates matters.

CHASING PAPI is a mildly amusing comedy with a Latin beat. During the course of the movie, the three women learn that they don’t need a man to be happy, especially someone like Papi. In fact, at the end of the story, they all stay in contact and talk on the phone about how happy and independent they all have become. Thus, CHASING PAPI projects a feminist worldview toward life and human relationships, though in an apolitical way.

CHASING PAPI contains some comical references to a television astrologer, and 13 mostly light obscenities and profanities. The early part of the movie also makes jokes that Papi is so handsome he not only attracts women, but also homosexual men. MOVIEGUIDE®, therefore, advises caution, especially for parents of the teenagers who might be attracted to this movie.

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