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In FINAL DESTINATION 2, Death stalks a young woman and several other survivors of a terrible fatal car crash because they escaped their pre-ordained fate. Despite some allegorical Christian elements, FINAL DESTINATION 2 contains plenty of strong foul language, gruesome violence and false theological notions.


(C, FRFR, O, B, LLL, VVV, S, NN, A, DD, M) Allegorical Christian worldview with the premise "New life defeats death," but with some false religious notions about death and over-the-top gruesome violence with occult premonitions of disaster and death as well as moral appeal to conscience and people try to help others; 42 mostly strong obscenities, six strong profanities and 11 light profanities; extreme, gory violence includes terrible car crashes, decapitations, bodies split apart or squashed, trucks slam into people, speeding log slams into car's driver, steel ladder impales man's eye, explosions, charred bodies, barbecued human arm, birth scene, and drowning images; exhibitionism and some brief sexual references; upper male nudity and female flashes her breasts on highway; alcohol use; and, smoking, snorting cocaine and smoking marijuana.

GENRE: Horror












More Detail:

FINAL DESTINATION 2 cleverly integrates the story of the first movie with the events of the second movie and contains an allegorical Christian worldview, but it’s full of strong foul language, illegal drug use and extreme, gory violence whose primary goal is simply to titillate the beastly bloodlust of its intended teenage and young adult audience. It also fails to capitalize on the theological, metaphysical issues that its plot evokes, but what can you expect of such a horror movie whose primary purpose is to titillate, not to provoke intelligent thought.

In the story, A. J. Cook plays Kimberly Corman, a college student who’s driving her friends to Daytona Beach, Florida for some hijinks. Her girlfriend seems mainly interested in sex, however, while the two boys going with them are mainly interested in the marijuana they’ve brought. Kimberly has a violent vision of being involved in a terrific car crash that kills many people, including her. The vision strikes fear in her heart, so she refuses to get on the freeway from the on ramp and gets out of her van. The van, however, is blocking the ramp, so the policeman who was the first one killed in her vision goes to find out what’s happening.

While he’s talking to her by the side of the road, the traffic accident on the freeway starts to happen. People are still killed, but the people behind her are saved. Kimberly’s friends, however, are not so blessed because one of the trucks on the freeway slams into the van anyway, creating a fiery, deadly ball of flame.

Back at the police station, Kimberly tells the other survivors that their escape from death reminds her of the incident from the first movie. In that film, a young man has a premonition of a plane crash and makes his friends avoid the flight. One by one, the survivors start dying in very weird circumstances and gruesome accidents. The survivors come to believe that Death is now stalking them, to get back what he lost.

The survivors in the sequel also start dying in new gruesome accidents. The mysterious funeral attendant from the first movie tells Kimberly and the remaining survivors that the only way to defeat Death is with new life. They try to save the baby of a pregnant woman who also survived the crash. They then discover that each one of them has a coincidental connection to the plane crash survivors. As more people die, the traffic accident survivors come to believe that the plane crash survivors caused “a ripple in Death’s Design” affecting them all.

The movie’s references to the “ripple in Death’s Design” cleverly weave both movies together. Also, the movie’s premise, “New life defeats death,” gives FINAL DESTINATION 2 an allegorical Christian worldview that’s clever, original and archetypal. The movie’s gratuitous gruesome violence, however, and its gratuitous foul language spoil these artistic, moral and metaphysical pretensions. Therefore, MOVIEGUIDE® cannot recommend FINAL DESTINATION 2, especially to the teenagers and young adults who are its target audience. In the end, FINAL DESTINATION 2 just goes too far, and that’s not right.

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