Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

ASPEN EXTREME is a frustratingly shallow exploration of the life and loves of two Detroit riveters who make pilgrimage to Aspen, Colorado, to become ski instructors and live a hale and hearty lifestyle of skiing for pay and bedding ski bunnies. ASPEN EXTREME, while lacking explicit sex, does not protect its PG-13 audience from seeing adulterous relationships, or from 15 obscenities and 5 profanities.


(H, LL, A/D, NN, S) Humanist worldview with: 15 obscenities, 5 profanities and sexual innuendo tied to men's appraisals of women's bodies; cocaine and alcohol use leading to addiction; 2 instances of rear male nudity and very revealing and suggestive clothing worn by women; main character has sexual relationship with 2 women, one of whom rewards him with lavish material lifestyle and encourages and becomes his cultural mentor.

More Detail:

ASPEN EXTREME is shallow exploration of the life and loves of two Detroit riveters who pilgrimage to Aspen, Colorado, to become ski instructors and bed ski bunnies. T.J. and Dexter are a typical mismatched pair. T.J. is a second division Tom Cruise type; handsome but sensitive with a hidden ambition to be a writer. Dexter is like a morose Barney Fife. T.J. inevitably becomes involved in some romantic entanglements. Bryce, a wealthy single woman, beds T.J. and introduces him to Aspen society. However, when Bryce goes to Philadelphia, T.J. becomes involved with Robin. T.J. and Robin’s relationship ends with the return of Bryce. Dexter becomes involved with cocaine dealers who threaten to kill him. With Bryce’s help, T.J. gets the money to pay off the dealers and save Dexter’s life, but their friendship falls apart.

ASPEN EXTREME is commendable in its attempt to show the futility and emptiness of a materialistic lifestyle. However, this comes too little and too late. Where were T.J.’s morals when Bryce invited him over in the first place? What makes his fornication with Robin any different than his fornication with Bryce? And, what are we saying to 13-year-olds when we present young adult life as a series of guilt-free sexual relationships? The biggest problem with ASPEN EXTREME is that it does a better job of making a profligate and materialistic lifestyle look groovy than it does nailing home its perfunctory morality play.

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