Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

In BEST LAID PLANS, evil spins out of control when a young man and his girlfriend plot against an old college chum of the man's. An abrupt, disappointing ending ruins a this unpredictable plot, as do lots of strong foul language, immoral attitudes about sex and the movie's distateful characters.


Pagan worldview with immoral characters using deceit to gain money & no real lessons learned; 111 obscenities, 19 profanities plus discussion of possible date rape & some crude sexual references; moderate violence with results shown of woman being hit & woman bound & gagged, plus several fights with punching & kicking; implied fornication; no nudity; alcohol use & drunkenness; smoking & characters involved in stealing cocaine; anti-capitalist element where big socialist government leaves nothing for a son to inherit from his dad's estate; and, immoral attitudes about sex, stealing, lying, kidnapping, treachery, arson, blackmail, & car theft.

More Detail:

In the twisted tale of treachery titled BEST LAID PLANS, evil spins out of control, but the characters don’t seem to learn their lessons.

Alessandro Nivola plays Nick, who has returned to his home town to care for his dying father. Having to drop out of college, Nick gets a job at a recycling plant. After his dad passes away, Nick is shocked to find out that he gets nothing from his dad’s estate because of back taxes.

Feeling his life going nowhere, he suddenly gets a call from an old high school buddy named Bryce, played by Josh Brolin. While they have drinks in a bar, a sexy young woman named Lissa (Reese Witherspoon of PLEASANTVILLE) comes along and seduces Bryce.

In the early hours of the next morning, Nick awakens to a frantic phone call from Bryce, asking him to come over immediately. Nick goes to the posh home where Bryce is house-sitting to find Lissa gagged and bound to the pool table. Bryce claims that Lissa has falsely accused him of rape and threatened to go to the police. Bryce cannot believe he would do such a thing but admits he was too drunk to remember clearly what happened. Seeing his life crumbling before him, Bryce desperately asks Nick for help. At this point, the story flashes back and the drama unravels, with several twists and turns.

With some solid, if unspectacular, performances, BEST LAID PLANS keeps the audience’s attention with some unpredictable twists. This is what makes the abrupt ending and the final revelation even more disappointing, however. They just don’t measure up to the rest of the movie.

Worse than this, though, is the fact that the characters, especially Lissa, apparently learn nothing from their ordeal, as events spin out of control. Loose ends also aren’t tied up, increasing the frustration over the ending. Finally, the movie is filled with so much strong foul language, including profanity, and immoral attitudes about sex that it becomes morally distasteful, though not perhaps completely evil.