Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

BLOCKERS is a highly raunchy, gross, uneven comedy about three high-school senior, lifelong best friends girls who make a pact to lose their virginity on prom night. The divorced father of one girl tries to make amends with his daughter by providing a giant limo for the girls and their dates. Thus, he has unwittingly provided them the inspiration and opportunity to meet their sex pact goal. However, the parents stumble across computer messages revealing their children’s naughty plans. So, they team up to find and stop the teenagers from actually losing their virginity.

BLOCKERS is fast paced, but only those with no moral qualms will likely find the movie entertaining enough to spend their hard-earned money. The movie does feature the teenage girls having some nice scenes where they try to be more open, loving and understanding with their parents. However, the rest of the movie is an obscenity filled, uneven, extremely crude comedy that sets a bad example for both parents and teenagers. BLOCKERS presents a vile agenda promoting casual teenage sex, teenage partying and a politically correct pro-homosexual message.


(PaPaPa, PCPC, HoHoHo, B, C, LLL, V, SSS, NNN, AAA, DD, MMM):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong pagan worldview with a strong politically correct pro-homosexual message that also promotes permissive parenting and teenage sexuality, offset somewhat by some mild moral, redemptive undertones such as initially sneaky and rude daughters wind up appreciating their parents’ concerns, reconciliation between parents and children occurs, and some forgiveness when two pairs of parents forgive one another for past offenses and restore their friendship in emotionally affecting ways;

Foul Language:
At least 106 obscenities (including many, mostly “f” words and crude sexual language), 11 strong profanities and several light profanities;

Light comic violence;

Very strong sexual references and immorality include entire plot is driven by three teenage girls wishing to lose their virginity as if it’s a disease, teenage girls discuss losing their virginity and have racy emojis about it and are shown packing bowls with condoms, one teenage girl winds up having her liaison treated as very romantic and sweet, and the camera fades out when her spying mother leaves the hotel room (giving tacit approval to the encounter), second girl picks a cute random boy to be her prom date that day and is more crassly aggressive about wanting to fornicate no matter what that night, second girl winds up deciding not to fornicate with the total stranger but then lets him perform oral sex on her, third girl is secretly lesbian and decides to go along with the plan in hopes of not seeming homosexual, third girl takes a very fat boy as her date and they wind up in the hotel atop each other, boy with third girl has a messy ejaculation, third girl eventually finds girl she likes, and they engage in passionate kissing while dancing, kinky parents are seen dressed up like they’re on prom night and having a role-playing sex game with depicted thrusting, same couple is shown wearing blindfolds as they play another sex “game,” two other fathers have snuck into the house unaware of what’s happening in hopes of finding clues about where their daughters are heading to have sex, the two men pretend they’re the husband, woman grabs one man by his testicles graphically when she thinks that’s her husband, the most conservative father is seen naked with his own wife playing the same blindfold sex game in the end credits;

One married man shows his private parts and another man has his private parts grabbed, men show their buttocks, teenage girl partially exposes her ample cleavage in bedroom scene, but then it’s revealed she’s wearing a half bra, wife is shown in her bra and otherwise naked but seen only from the side and back, upper male nudity on teenage boys in bedroom scenes, other upper male nudity, and implied nudity married and unmarried;

Alcohol Use:
Extreme alcohol abuse includes lots of teenagers drinking, teenagers get drunk and vomit profusely all over each other in their limo, a father trying to get information about his daughter’s whereabouts has to drop his pants and stick a tube up his anus and have beer poured into it in a contest against a teenage male calls "butt chugging, and when the police arrive the man has the plastic tube still hanging out of his body;

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking, but one male date of lead girl is described as a drug dealer who bakes cookies filled with illegal drugs, and some of the teenagers take the drugs and are seen comically having strange reactions to them, so the teenagers try the drugs but have comically unsavory reactions to them; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Very strong miscellaneous immorality includes an incredibly shallow and permissive attitude towards sex outside of marriage and especially among teenagers, mother of main girl is at first comically over-protective about her daughter but then winds up leaving a hotel room quietly so that her daughter can lose her virginity after all and later tells other fathers, “Well, it’s got to happen sometime, father of lesbian teenage girl is portrayed as incredibly irresponsible and uncaring through the movie’s first because his affair with a babysitter is argued about comically, and he constantly wants to drink and get drunk, lesbian girl’s father tries to tell his side of the story on his scandalous life and becomes more sympathetic and tries to be a better father, but this means that he’s happy when his daughter “comes out” to him, and parents ultimately feel it’s more important to be their child’s friend than their moral leader or moral guardian.

More Detail:

BLOCKERS is a highly raunchy, sometimes gross, uneven comedy about a trio of high-school senior girls, who are lifelong best friends and make a pact to lose their virginity on prom night, and their parents who try to stop them from following through with their plans. BLOCKERS has a strong immoral pagan worldview with lots of foul language and crude content, slightly offset by mild moral, redemptive undertones.

BLOCKERS opens with a montage of home movie footage of three teenage girls meeting on their first day of first grade and onward until the day of their prom. Julie (Kathryn Newton) is the princess and leader of the trio, and the daughter of overprotective single mom, Lisa (Leslie Mann). Kayla (Geraldine Visnawathan) is half-Indian and the daughter of ultraconservative, tough but hyper-sensitive dad Mitchell (John Cena), while Sam (Gideon Adlon) is a nerdy girl who reluctantly joins in a “sex pact” where all three girls agree to lose their virginity on prom night with their dates.

Sam is hiding a big secret. She has lesbian feelings for an openly lesbian girl in their class and is only going to prom with a male date because she’s afraid to “come out.” Her father Hunter (Ike Barinholtz) has a terrible reputation for having had an affair with her babysitter years before and for drinking too much rather than being present enough in Sam’s life.

When Hunter tries to make amends with Sam by providing a giant limo for the girls and their dates, he has unwittingly provided them the inspiration and opportunity to meet their sex pact goal. The girls’ parents used to be friends when the girls were young but drifted apart as they grew older. However, when the parents stumble across computerized messages that reveal the girls’ naughty plans, they team up to find and stop them from actually losing their virginity.

BLOCKERS is fast-paced, and those who don’t have moral concerns about teenage sex and drinking may likely find it funny. However, for anyone with the slightest sense of traditional morality, this is a very raunchy, highly destructive movie that could influence countless teenagers into committing immoral behavior on multiple levels.

Thus, the movie has near-constant swearing and frequent graphic sexual humor, punctuated by plenty of wild party scenes where the teenage girls get drunk to the point of puking all over each other in their limo. Sex is seen as either romantic and not requiring any marital standards, or as crassly regarded as a fun thing to get through the first time, even if you don’t know your partner well. When one girl finally decides not to fornicate because she doesn’t even know the boy’s last name, she just asks him to get to know him “until Monday.” However, she then proceeds to encourage him to perform oral sex on her, which is implied but discussed positively and graphically afterwards. Meanwhile, one set of parents of a supporting-character teenager are shown to be into kinky role-playing games, while Lisa and Mitchell are portrayed as too “uptight” rather than as rightfully concerned parents.

BLOCKERS does feature the girls having nice scenes where they try to be more open, loving and understanding with their parents. However, the parents cave way too much to be good parents, opting to be hip friends to their children rather than the moral leaders and guardians they are supposed to be.

Beyond that, the movie has a strong pro-homosexual perspective in embracing Sam’s decision to come out to her friends and her father. Her father takes pride that she came out to him before her mother and stepfather, and fully cheers her when she does. Also, Sam’s two best friends do the same when she walks up to the girl of her dreams and engages in passionate kissing on the dance floor.

Teenage sex is often an unfortunate reality, but a movie like BLOCKERS creates a toxic atmosphere of greater encouragement for teenagers to engage in such destructive, sinful behavior. As such, it sets a poor example for parents and their responsibilities to provide good moral guidance for their children. It should come as no surprise that raunchy comedy actor-producer Seth Rogen and his producing partner Evan Goldberg are primary forces behind this movie. Also responsible are the writer-director team behind the marijuana-fueled, raunchy HAROLD AND KUMAR comedies.

BLOCKERS has almost no redeeming qualities. It presents a vile agenda of promoting casual teenage sex and humorous depictions of underage partying. BLOCKERS is abhorrent and lacks strong entertainment value. Most moviegoers and all media-wise people should find BLOCKERS not worth their time and money.

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