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What You Need To Know:

BOGUS demonstrates how an imaginary friend helps a young boy deal with the death of his mother. Young Albert goes to live with a stranger named Harriet. The imaginary friend, Bogus, helps Albert learn to love her. A tear-jerker 10 hanky movie, it is a sweet and tender story that uses the art of the illusionist but not magical thinking.


(B, L, O, C) Moral worldview where familial love overcomes the need of boy in dealing with loss to have an imaginary friend; 4 obscenities & 3 profanities; auto accident; no sex; no nudity; magical elements; and, positive reference to Scripture and the salvation of Christ in funeral sermon

More Detail:

In BOGUS, an imaginary friend helps a young boy deal with the death of his mother. A 10 hanky movie, it is a tender story that uses the art of the illusionist, but not magical thinking. Seven-year-old Albert lives with his mother Lorraine in Las Vegas. Lorraine works in Mr. Antoine’s magic show. One day Lorraine is killed in an auto accident. Her lawyer discovers that Albert has a legal guardian, a black woman named Harriet who works in New York City. Harriet and Albert do not get along. So, Albert makes up Bogus. Bogus always encourages Albert to take a second chance with Harriet. When Albert discovers that Mr. Antoine will appear in Atlantic City, he leaves, but Harriet comes to the rescue, and she and Albert learn to love each other as a family.

Bogus acts as Albert’s conscience and encourages Albert to love Harriet. Bogus knows that he only has to be around as long as Albert needs him. Many parents will be concerned by the depiction of slight of hand in the movie. There are no supernatural forces, but just the smoke and mirrors of magicians today. If the whole idea of imaginary friends seems strange, don’t go see this movie, but if you ever had an imaginary friend, then BOGUS might be an insightful piece of entertainment.