Content: +1 Discernment required for young children.

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What You Need To Know:

In CORRINA, CORRINA, young Molly Singer's question about where her mother has gone after her death is examined by both her atheistic father and their new Christian nanny and housekeeper, Corrina (Whoopie Goldberg). This is a well-crafted comic drama with lots of good humor, a positive portrait of Christianity and few objectionable elements, aside from some adult themes involving death and racism.


(C, L, A, M) Highly secularized Christian ideology that is essentially relativistic; positive portrayal of Christian character; 2 obscenities & 3 profanities; alcohol use; and, mature themes of death & racism.

More Detail:

At the center of Jessie Nelson’s semi-autobiographical story, CORRINA, CORRINA, is a question: Where did Molly Singer’s mother go when she died? Five-year-old Molly does not know the answer and refuses to speak to anyone for weeks after her mother’s funeral. Molly’s young, atheistic father professes not to share Molly’s confusion, yet he watches home movies of his wife with a clear expression of longing to know what has become of her. The question remains throughout the movie and is answered in many ways by the Singer’s new Christian nanny and housekeeper, Corrina, played by Whoopi Goldberg.

The message the director is sending is clear: that although Christian belief in Heaven is merely a nicety, it is one that atheists should not begrudge. After all, the director seems to say, we all need to get by somehow. CORRINA, CORRINA is fine entertainment for the whole family, at least in one sense. It is a well-crafted comic drama with lots of good humor and few objectionable elements. Although the movie itself comes up short of answers, CORRINA, CORRINA provides an excellent platform for parents to teach their children about the Christian understanding of death.