Content: -1 Discretion advised for older children.

What You Need To Know:

In DAYLIGHT, Sylvester Stallone struggles to lead a group of survivors trapped in a collapsed underwater tunnel connecting Manhattan and New Jersey. Laden with special effects and simple in story, it is a thrilling but ultimately conventional action picture. Containing some action violence, it does have some positive Christian references, but is marred by foul language.


(B, C, LLL, VV, S) Moral worldview with some Christian elements of prayer & sanctuary; 18 obscenities & 13 profanities; action violence including explosions, fire, flooding, & walls collapsing.; no sex; no nudity; and smoking

More Detail:

In DAYLIGHT, Sylvester Stallone stars as an ex-police chief who leads a group of wet and cold stragglers trapped in the flooded cavern of a tunnel connecting Manhattan and New Jersey. Stallone plays Latura , a cab driver in Manhattan who was fired as chief-of-police because of a controversial call. Now, speeding a passenger to New Jersey, Latura is about to enter the tunnel when it explodes from an accident inside. Trapped by smoke-filled air and massive structural damage, the remaining survivors wonder how to get out. Latura finds the survivors and plots to find an alternative way out. Together, they encounter more explosions, more fires, rats, flooding, and a few more deaths. With little time to spare and increasing frustration, Latura leads the survivors to DAYLIGHT.

Like TWISTER, this movie is long on special effects and short on acting or story. Most of the actors, as in TOWERING INFERNO, just stand around, act scared and yell when they are frustrated. DAYLIGHT offers a grunting hero, a scream queen and a personality-less menace. DAYLIGHT does have a few positive religious elements in it such as prayer and finding sanctuary in a Christian chapel. DAYLIGHT may please Stallone and action fans who like muscle and thrills, but it stays in the dark dramatically. This movie has action violence and several obscenities and profanities.