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DEHLI SAFARI is an animated movie from India dubbed by English-speaking actors. It tells about the journey of seven jungle animals on a quest to save their jungle habitat from human industrialization. Yuvi is the spunky leopard cub that catalyzes the group to go to Delhi. His mother, Begum, leads the group and keeps everyone in line. She especially has trouble with a naughty monkey, who only believes in war. Alex is a parrot pampered by humans. He loves the music and media culture he experiences everyday from his cage until he joins the other animals on their mission.

The quality of DELHI SAFARI is fair to good. Some of the songs are too long. At times, the music and lyrics seem to be out of sync. Overall, the movie tries to copy THE LION KING and the MADAGASCAR movies. DELHI SAFARI has themes of redemption, forgiveness, faith, and love. However, it also has a strong environmentalist worldview that’s politically correct and anti-liberty. Finally, there’s some toilet humor and a seduction scene between the parrot’s owner and an actress. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for DELHI SAFARI.


(PaPa, EEE, PCPC, BB, C, V, S, AA, M) Strong mixed worldview with very strong environmentalist worldview as animals to Delhi to plead with the humans to stop destroying the wildlife with pollution and industrialism and share the world with them, with a politically correct attitude and some strong moral elements as the animals show principles such as reconciliation, forgiveness, redemption, and sacrifice; no obscenities or profanities, but there is toilet humor such as use of the word “poop” and implied urinating by monkey; Sultan shot and killed, and monkey pulls out guns on other animals and takes out a pocketknife to kill parrot character; implied romantic involvement between a parrot’s owner and an actress; no nudity; no real alcohol use, but monkey and parrot do get slightly drunk from coconut milk; no smoking or drugs; and lying, kidnapping a bird, some animals plot to kill others, but their plans are always thwarted, monkey leader is bad role model, and housing developers destroy homes of wildlife.

More Detail:

DELHI SAFARI is an animated movie from India featuring the voices of Western actors about the journey of seven jungle animals on a quest to Delhi to fight for their habitat.

Yuvi (Tara Strong) is the spunky leopard cub, who catalyzes the group to travel to Delhi to speak to the Indian parliament. His mother, Begum (Vanessa Williams), leads the group and keeps everyone in line and on course, especially Bajrangi, a naughty monkey who believes in only war and hate for the humans. Alex (voice of Tom Kenny), on the other hand, is a parrot pampered by humans. He loves the movie, music and media culture he experiences everyday from his cage until he joins the other animals on their mission. Bagga (Brad Garrett) is the peacekeeping bear and gentle giant also a part of their quest.

With the exception of Alex the parrot, the jungle is their home. It’s being destroyed by land developers, machines, pollution, and other acts of mankind. The animals bravely go on a long journey to face the unknown to stop the humans from destroying all that they love.

DEHLI SAFARI is a 3D animation of fair to good quality. The movie has both an Indian and English version. In addition to the all-star cast already mentioned, the English version also features the voices of Christopher Lloyd, Jason Alexander, Jane Lynch, and Cary Elwes. Color, music and montage are used creatively during the movie. As such, the movie is quite similar to THE LION KING and the MADAGASCAR movies. However, some of the songs are too long, and, at times, the music and lyrics seem to be out of sync.

Also, it’s not always clear who the protagonist or central character is. It seems to be Yuvi in the beginning, but as the story progresses, it becomes either Alex or Bajrangi. Alex realizes he has a connection and responsibility to his jungle heritage. Bajrangi realizes that revenge is not the answer. He and his nemesis, Alex, seem to be the two characters with the greatest transformation during the film.

In addition, there are a few notes of moral caution with DELHI SAFARI.

First, there is an implied romance between the parrot’s owner, a filmmaker, and an actress. The filmmaker offers more screen time to the clueless actress as a way to seduce her. Alex the parrot perceived this as great entertainment as he videotapes them from his cage until Bajrangi the monkey cuts in with a cleverly timed interruption. Later, it is further implied that the actress accepted the filmmaker’s advances as we see only her arm stroke his face as if she’s laying across his lap as he sits and watches TV.

Besides this, there are a few other questionable moments involving Bajrangi. It’s implied that he urinates in a field. Also, he contemplates various ways to kill Alex or being killed by Bagga the bear. Later, Alex and he get drunk on coconut milk.

Ultimately, DELHI SAFARI has a mixed pagan worldview. There are some strong moral, slightly redemptive themes, such as forgiveness, reconciliation, humility, faith, and love. Knowing or finding one’s purpose is another concept built into the story. The naughty monkey, who believes that war and fighting is the best way to solve problems, portrays most of the immoral or negative themes. DELHI SAFARI also has a strong environmentalist theme throughout it. The environmentalist worldview is tied into the movie from the beginning to the end, as the animals face their fear of losing their jungle home to land developers, industrialization and mankind. The music and an animation montage speaks to the importance of protecting the environment. This content is somewhat politically correct. Thus, it sounds like some of the Neo-Marxist claptrap coming from those on the left who want to use environmental to expand government control and take away true liberty and real stewardship.

All in all, DELHI SAFARI is an enjoyable animated movie. However, the toilet humor and mature content don’t advance the plot. The two most objectionable scenes are the naughty monkey urinating in the field as he plots a coup with his two stooges and the scene between the parrot’s owner and the actress. In today’s society, these may seem like subtle or trivial points to make. However, including such edgy material for children’s viewership does more to break the movie than make the movie. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution.

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