"A Very Bond Movie"

Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

Once again, Pierce Brosnan portrays James Bond in DIE ANOTHER DAY. Betrayed and rejected by his own, James Bond must find the traitor or “mole” who disclosed him to the North Koreans. With an enigmatic “Bond Girl” named Jinx (Halle Berry) crossing his path, and eventually partnering with him, the “master spy” travels to exotic lands like Cuba and Iceland to uncover the evil Gustav Graves and foil his plans to start a war between North and South Korea. Also aiding him are the usual gadgets designed by “Q,” including a new Astin Martin.

Great direction by Lee Tamahori, fantastic stunts and wonderful-looking special effects will entice many children and teenagers to see DIE ANOTHER DAY. This movie is not a film for impressionable youngsters, or teenagers, however! DIE ANOTHER DAY contains the standard “Bondisms” of sexual promiscuity, violence and materialism. Like all Bond films, it tells young boys, “If you are smart, strong, handsome or pretty, resourceful, and willing to take huge risks, then you will be rewarded with the three “G’s” – Girls, Gold and Glory.” Even adult viewers should apply extreme caution, therefore, in making their decision whether to see this movie or not


(PaPa, B, AC, L, VV, SS, NN, A, D, M) Pagan worldview with hedonistic values, some moral elements and some anti-Communist, anti-totalitarian elements regarding North Korea; about four obscenities; very strong action violence includes explosions, people impaled on swords, hero tortured with scorpions and ice dunkings, and hand cut off by laser; depicted foreplay, implied fornication in three trysts and many sexual innuendoes; upper male nudity, women in skimpy clothes or swimsuits (sometimes in sexual poses), and ice sculpture effect on nude women; alcohol use; smoking; and, revenge.

More Detail:

Okay, I admit right off, that I like James Bond Movies. The FIRST movie I remember seeing as a child in the back of the family station wagon at the drive-in theatre on a hot summer night, was GOLDFINGER. Admittedly the Bond films have varied throughout the years, but I really believe that Pierce Brosnan plays the best James Bond since Sean


If you like Bond films in general, you will like DIE ANOTHER DAY a lot. If you do NOT like Bond films, you can add this to the list of films to avoid.

Like all Bond films ever made, this one begins with action, then the over-the-top graphically dazzling and morally questionable dancing “Bond Girls” title sequence. Just how close to au natural can a woman be yet be made of liquid fire, or ice?

Bond is in North Korea on a mission when he is betrayed and hunted down in a huge run-and-gun battle with hovercraft. He is captured, tortured with scorpions and ice dunkings, then left rotting in his cell. Fourteen months later, he is exchanged for a notorious terrorist named Zao (Rick Yune). He is summoned, shamed as a failure and stripped of his double-O status.

Of course, he escapes, strikes out on his own and is soon on the trail of Gustav Graves, a young, aggressive multi-millionaire who has an ice mansion is Iceland where he is unveiling a new (here we go again) space-based satellite that will reflect the sun’s rays, providing needed warmth for prolonged growing seasons in frigid areas that . . . ok, it’s really a big gun.

Surprised? If you have ever seen a Bond movie, you can write the script from here. Gadgets, you asked? What Bond movie would exist with lots of techno-toys for James to use and abuse, given to him by a sarcastically funny “Q,” played perfectly by John Cleese, including a maxed-out Aston Martin with a, well I cannot tell you more in case you are a fan.

Of course Bond has, ah, questionable liaisons with three different women including “Bond Girl” Jinx, played very well Halle Berry. Ms. Berry does a very good job of holding her own in attitude and beauty with Brosnan’s male prowess and good looks on screen, which is a surprise.

DIE ANOTHER DAY has a little of the silliness of previous films, some giant leaps of logic also found in previous films (but overlooked by aficionados because of the “wow” factor of the stunts), and the standard sexual bantering, but director Lee Tamahori does his best to make the film a serious spy flick.

Materialism, sexual innuendo, veiled sexual scenes, and strong violence are both part of the Bond franchise and morally repugnant. Therefore, DIE ANOTHER DAY is definitely not a film for impressionable youngsters, including teenagers! Like all Bond films, it says, “If you are smart, strong, handsome or pretty, resourceful, and willing to take huge risks, then you will be rewarded with the three “G”s – Girls or Guys, Gold and Glory.”

So, DIE hard Bond fans won’t be disappointed. To everyone else, pick another film from this one. MOVIEGUIDE® will help you to know before you go.

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