What You Need To Know:

DON'T BE A MENACE TO SOUTH CENTRAL WHILE DRINKING YOUR JUICE IN THE HOOD dances a thin line between making fun of the horrible conditions of life in the "hood" and making fun of the current film presentations of life in the "hood." It offends as much as makes jokes. While shedding light on problems in the hood, it offers no solutions.


(Pa, C, Ab, LLL, VV, SSS, NNN, A, D, M) Pagan worldview of life in the hood with minor spoofed Christian elements; 99 obscenities, 28 vulgarities, 1 profanity, & several blasphemous remarks; moderate violence including several close-range shootings with no blood, slapstick violence including biker hitting open car door, man hit with open door, falling objects, falls, hitting, & threats with weapons; 3 depictions of sex including a dominatrix, foreplay with food & sex outside, sex talk, & preacher encourages women to have sex with him; brief but full male & female nudity; alcohol use; marijuana use; and, stealing & gross behavior

More Detail:

DON’T BE A MENACE TO SOUTH CENTRAL WHILE DRINKING YOUR JUICE IN THE HOOD dances a thin line between parodying the “hood” and film presentations of life in the “hood.” Ashtray played by Shawn Wayans gets dropped off by his perfect role-model mother to the home of his father in South Central L.A. Soon Ashtray meets Loc Dog played by Marlon Wayans and they become instant friends. At a party, Ashtray meets Dashiki, a woman with 7 kids. Ashtray falls in love with her and wants to take her and her brood out of the “hood.” As he works toward this end, other adventures include Loc Dog and his attempts at work, a foul-mouthed break-dancing, pot-smoking Grandmother and gangsters who perform drive-by shootings.

This movie got a lot of laughs from its all-black audience. Yet, morbid and really, unfunny humor characterized this movie. Almost every aspect of human nature can be parodied, but this is a parody that goes way over the line of decency. It was in many ways disrespectful and offensive because it showed a tragic situation becoming ridiculous. Most offensive was the depiction of the church service. In this movie, the pastor encourages the women of his church to sleep with him. It is a comedy of errors in the worst way and could actually be menacing the viewer.