Not as Clever as It Sounds

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Release Date: October 18, 2013

Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold
Schwarzenegger, Jim Caviezel,
Faran Tahir, Amy Ryan, Sam
Neill, Vincent D’Onofrio,
Vinnie Jones, Matt Gerald, 50
Cent, Caitriona Balfe

Genre: Thriller

Audience: Older teenagers and adults

Rating: R

Runtime: 116 minutes

Distributor: Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate

Director: Mikael Hafstrom

Executive Producer: Brandt Andersen, Alexander
Boies, Remington Chase, Jason
Gandhi, Stepan Martirosyan,
Jeff Rice, Zack Schiller,
Spencer Silna, Nicolas Stern,
Mark Stewart

Producer: Robbie Brenner, Mark Canton,
Randall Emmett, George Furla,
Kevin King Templeton

Writer: Miles Chapman, Jason Keller

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Jon Feltheimer, CEO, Lionsgate Films AKA Lions Gate Films (Summit Entertainment/Roadside Attractions)
2700 Colorado Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone: (310) 449-9200; Fax: (310) 255-3870; Website:


(PaPa, C, FR, B, LLL, VV, S, N, D, MM) A strong mixed pagan worldview with both Christian and false religious elements including character holds a Bible at the beginning, but he rips a page out and burns it to use the ashes to help him escape, a character says the Lord’s prayer, but only to distract the guards, a Muslim man who is befriended by the main characters is seen praying multiple times with several references to Allah, plus some moral elements as main character tries to defeat an evil warden who tortures and kills untried prisoners; at least 55 obscenities (mostly “f” words), several middle fingers, and one strong profanity; strong action violence with multiple fight scenes that show bones being broken, heads getting smashed, many guards are shot, people are stabbed, and one character is water boarded; a few sexual jokes, one being explicit; a man draws a rough picture of a rear end; no alcohol; some guards smoke cigarettes; and, strong miscellaneous immorality includes betrayal, vengeance, and a criminal is set free at the end of the movie.


In ESCAPE PLAN, Ray Breslin breaks our of prisons for a living, but when he’s betrayed and thrown into a super secret CIA prison, he must overcome incredible odds to escape. ESCAPE PLAN is somewhat exciting, but it’s mostly underwhelming with major plot holes, false religious elements, and too much foul language.


ESCAPE PLAN is a somewhat entertaining, but also underwhelming, action thriller starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Stallone plays Ray Breslin. Ray has a rare set of skills. He can break out of any maximum security prison. Ray co-owns a private security business that helps federal prisons improve the impenetrability of their facilities. With the help of his two co-workers, Abigail and Hush, there hasn’t been a prison that can hold Ray.

This skill catches the eye of the CIA. The agency approaches Ray with a deal to test their brand new state of the art facility, built to hold the most dangerous men in the world. The catch is that nobody, not even Ray’s own team, can know where the prison is located. The team discourages Ray to take the risky job, but Ray decides to do it with some safety precautions in line just in case. However, 24 hours later, Ray is snatched into a van and whisked away with no trace. Soon thereafter, he wakes up in a glass box that’ll be his new home.

From the evil prison warden, Hobbs (played by MOVIEGUIDE® favorite Jim Caviezel), Ray learns someone set him up. Hobbs tells Ray he has no intention of ever letting him go.

Despite masked guards, bulletproof glass cells, and no one on the outside knowing where they are, Ray begins looking for a way out of the prison. He meets fellow inmate Emil Rottmayer (Arnold Schwarzenegger), who previously worked for a highly wanted international criminal. Together, they hatch a plan for how to escape. But, things seem hopeless once Ray learns where the prison is really located.
ESCAPE PLAN hearkens back to the raw classic action movies of the 80’s and 90’s. Containing humor and exciting twists, the movie succeeds at being entertaining, but it fails at being clever. Filled with plot holes and inconsistencies, the movie goes beyond ridiculous and becomes downright illogical at times. Schwarzenegger and Stallone win over the audience quite easily and Caviezel is a compelling bad guy, but the over the top music and uninteresting plot leave more to be desired.

The worldview is mixed, with both Christian elements and false religious sentiments. Ray does his job because he believes bad guys should be locked up, but those ideals seem irrelevant once he’s thrown into prison for good. That said, the way Warden Hobbs tortures and kills untried prisoners is truly evil, so Ray’s fight against him is warranted. At one point, Rottmayer says the Lord’s prayer, but only to distract the guards. Ray and Rottmayer also befriend a Muslim man, who’s seen praying multiple times with several references to Allah.

Overall, ESCAPE PLAN doesn’t add anything new to the genre and contains too much foul language for most media wise viewers, so a very strong caution is advised.

In Brief:

ESCAPE PLAN stars Sylvester Stallone as Ray Breslin, who co-owns a private security business that helps federal prisons improve their facilities. Ray can also break out of any prison. This catches the eye of the CIA. They approach Ray with a deal to test their brand new state of the art facility, built to hold the most dangerous men in the world. Ray agrees to their terms, but is betrayed and whisked away to the prison’s unknown location. He wakes up in a prison that has no intentions of ever letting him go, and no one knows where he is.
ESCAPE PLAN also stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. It hearkens back to the classic action movies of the 80s and 90s. It has some entertaining moments, but contains major plot holes and inconsistencies. Also, the worldview is mixed with both Christian elements and a Muslim character. Ray wants bad guys to be locked up and good guys to be free, but those ideals become irrelevant once he’s thrown into prison for good. Overall, ESCAPE PLAN isn’t anything new and contains too much foul language. So, extreme caution is advised.