"For a Good Time, Avoid This Movie Like the Plague"

Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL. . . is an utterly vile, stupid, and extremely unfunny sex comedy. The story follows the misadventures of Lauren, a rich and proper young woman. Lauren loses her New York apartment. A mutual homosexual friend enables her to move in with her old nemesis, Katie. Katie’s a crass lower-class woman with a spacious apartment she can’t afford on her own. Lauren gets turned down for a job she needs. She discovers Katie secretly makes a lot of money as a phone-sex operator. Lauren has some ideas on how to earn even more money in this vile business. So, the two women team up.

FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL. . . has no true dramatic tension or story arc. It also suffers from inappropriate cartoon music. The talents of everyone are wasted on this trashy movie. The obscenities, profanities, and lewd vulgarities are constant. The movie also has a homosexual subplot between the two female leads. FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL. . . is thoroughly awful and repulsive.


(RoRoRo, HoHoHo, LLL, V, SSS, N, AA, DD, MMM) Very strong Romantic worldview in a vile, inane, unfunny sex comedy, plus very strong positive view of homosexuality; at least 200 obscenities, profanities, and crude vulgarities; light slapstick violence such as drunken woman spills urine in a cup on herself and another person; extreme graphic descriptions of all forms of sexual behavior and lame attempts at constant sexual jokes, with literally hundreds of offensive words and descriptions in a wall-to-wall display of verbal smut as it follows the nearly-nonexistent story of two women who start a phone-sex hotline that leads to several disgusting scenes of males masturbating with their hands and organs offscreen but unmistakably in the throes of self-abuse pleasure onscreen, plus very strong homosexual references and content includes a homosexual man is the best friend of the two female leads and the two female leads fall in love with each other (no sex is ever shown between them, but the transformation from friendship to love is discussed thoroughly) while one of the women also plans to maintain a sexual relationship with her boyfriend, meaning she will attempt to be bisexual (her bisexuality comes out of nowhere, as she revealed earlier in the film that she’s still a virgin in her late 20s and has her “first time” sexually with her boyfriend shown clothed yet graphically just moments before she declares her love for her new female friend and roommate); upper male nudity and women in underwear; heavy social drinking features in a couple of scenes, including a shot of a man vomiting profusely and a woman implied urinating into an empty plastic soda cup before spilling it on herself and another woman; marijuana smoking is portrayed favorably in several scenes; and, very strong miscellaneous immorality includes the two female leads lying to their parents and others about their phone sex job, and nasty verbal fighting between the two women occurs early.

More Detail:

FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL. . . is an utterly vile, stupid, and extremely unfunny sex comedy. It has an extreme Romantic worldview with a strong, positive view of homosexuality, with abundant foul language.

FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL. . . should easily claim a place on any list of the year’s worst, and possibly the decade’s, worst films.

The story follows the extremely limited misadventures of a woman named Lauren played by Lauren Anne Miller, who as co-writer is also partly responsible for this mess. Lauren is a rich and proper young woman who loses her New York City apartment. Consequently, she’s forced to move in with her old nemesis, Katie (Ari Graynor). Katie is a crass lower-class woman who has a spacious apartment she can’t afford on her own. Pairing them up is their mutual best friend, Jesse (Justin Long), a homosexual who’s surprisingly the least offensive character in this movie, which says a lot.

When Lauren gets turned down for a job she needs, she comes to discover that Katie secretly makes a lot of money as a phone-sex operator. However, Lauren has ideas on how Katie can do much better in this business. So, the two women team up, with Katie as the “talent,” and Lauren as the alleged brains of the business.

Thus begins a seemingly endless array of incredibly offensive scenes in which Katie leads men to sexual fulfillment. Viewers thankfully don’t actually witness the men’s lewd acts, but they do see their facial expressions.

Eventually, Lauren gets curious enough to try the phone sex herself, and the movie doubles down on the dirty talk. Astoundingly, some Hollywood notables portray their clients, including Seth Rogen and writer-director Kevin Smith, but this is on the same crass level of much of their work anyway.

The only real conflicts are Lauren trying to hide her new line of work from her parents. She also has to decide whether to take her dream job when it’s offered to her. Then, Lauren finds she’s fallen in love with Katie, while Katie tries to end her virgin status with her first boyfriend. By the movie’s end, Katie has had sexual relations with her boyfriend right before admitting she loves both him AND Lauren.

None of this story has any true dramatic tension or story arc. While admittedly the two lead actresses have their own charming presence, their talents are wasted on this utter trash. Miller co-wrote the script, and Graynor executive produced it, so they only have themselves to blame. The movie also suffers from an incredibly annoying, intrusive musical score that sounds like it came from a “Tom & Jerry” cartoon. It’s totally at odds with the garbage emanating from the screen.

FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL. . . completely embraces every form of sexual aberration short of bestiality. It’s hard to imagine how even the most jaded viewer would not be disgusted by the end. Those people who make the mistake of going to this junk should be ready to take a long hot shower afterwards. FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL. . . is thoroughly awful and repulsive.

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