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In FREE WILLY 2: THE ADVENTURE HOME, this very green but entertaining picture strongly preaches to "save the whales" and uses a little Native American religion to do it. When an oil tanker runs aground spilling crude oil, Jesse must free Willy, and his family from money-hungry opportunists and a raging oil fire. This movie has very little bad language and very little violence, and it has some very positive themes, but caution is advised concerning Native American prayers and practices.


(B, E, FR, L, V) Moral worldview with strong environmentalist & Native American religious elements; 2 mild profanities & 2 mild vulgarities; and, action violence including pushing men into the water and a raging oil fire.

More Detail:

In FREE WILLY 2: THE ADVENTURE HOME, Jesse has just about settled into living with his stepparents, Glen and Annie Greenwood. Willy, too, has found his family including mother and younger siblings, and they swim in the seas off the Pacific Northwest. Jesse soon learns, however, that his actual mother has died in New York City, and she has left Jesse a younger half-brother named Elvis. The frustration Jesses feels at this news is compounded by the fact that Elvis will be joining them on a camping trip on the water. At the trip, Jesses finds a new friend and love interest, Nadine, and becomes reunited with Willy. All seems well until an oil tanker runs aground and spills crude into the open sea, Willy’s sister becomes sick, greedy opportunists plan to steal Willy’s family, and the oil catches on fire. Willy, Jesse, Elvis, and Nadine come to the rescue on all accounts.

There’s a lot to like about this movie. The photography of the whales at play is breathtaking and whimsical. The performances all hit the mark with passion and warmth. The story moves forward quickly with drama and suspense, even if the heroism of Jesse seems unnatural. As Jesse and Elvis warm up to each other, they learn valuable lessons of acceptance and love. Their relationship seems believable. And the strong language and violence is kept to a bare minimum. There are only some very mild profanities and vulgarities. The main objection to this film is the preaching of native American religious beliefs. In every other way, this movie is commendable and can be recommended to cautious viewers.

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