Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

In the latest comedy from the mind of David Zucker, John Lovitz plays a lonely, idealistic teacher who finds favor at a drug and gang-ridden high school. Although containing lots of genuine crazy humor, HIGH SCHOOL HIGH falls flat due to the same formula plotting as the tired NAKED GUN sequels. Like the gun sequels, HIGH contains an excessive mount of sexual innuendo that detracts from the plot and the humor.


(Pa, LLL, VV, SS, N, A, D, M) Pagan worldview of racial and gang satire; 16 obscenities, 14 vulgarities & 2 profanities; slapstick violence includes bodies being thrown out of windows, gang fights, food fights, school principal is kidnapped, variety of weaponry including knives, automatic guns, & lead pipes, & rape scene; extensive sexual situations including transvestite drama coach, dance club where character is attacked by dancer, masturbation, rape, & implied sodomy; partial male & female nudity; alcohol use & abuse & underage drinking; drug use where principal is a drug kingpin & drug deals; and, grotesqueries

More Detail:

The minds that brought the AIRPLANE and the NAKED GUN series into being has presented us another comedy gift: HIGH SCHOOL HIGH. John Lovitz plays Richard Clark, a lonely bachelor who joyfully accepts a teaching position at Marion Barry High School. Within minutes, Clark’s car is stolen, and his life is threatened by a hall-roaming gang. However, Clark is not deterred. He is single-minded in his attempt to connect with these gang-related, drug-dealing delinquents. He is joined by Victoria, the principal’s secretary, who falls in love with him. The couple persist in making a difference in the school and getting put through the danger of drag races, threats on their life and huge spitballs plastered across their bodies.

HIGH SCHOOL HIGH borrows heavily from the NAKED GUN format. Lovitz is a quirky substitute for Leslie Nielsen . It has the same plot, the same type of distorted characters, similar double entendres and visual gags — and, to a certain point, the film is a lot of laughs. The problem is too much weird sex humor and violent slapstick. What made the original AIRPLANE and NAKED GUN films fun was the broad appeal of humor. We were given a smorgasbord of slapstick, satire, stupid jokes and flat-out weirdness. In this movie, the characters turn warped and depraved.