Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

HURRICANE SMITH, set in Australia's gold coast, centers on a Black American searching for his missing sister. The film contains brutal, bloody, almost non-stop violence and several fornication scenes with total female nudity.


(LLL, VVV, SSS, NNN, A/D, M) At least 40 obscenities, 15 profanities; non-stop brutal violence, blood & gore brutality; several explicit fornication scenes with total female nudity; substance abuse; and, house of prostitution.

More Detail:

The movie HURRICANE SMITH could just as easily be called “Descent into the Cesspool.” Despite the lush foliage and blue waters, the movie’s excessive violence and sex suck it into the sewer. Hurricane Smith is a Black American from Texas who travels to Australia to search for his sister, Sally. Billy’s search begins in a house of prostitution where she hung out, though not an employee. Charlie (the owner) and his cohorts brutally beat Billy up. However, Billy gets acquainted with Julie, a prostitute, who knew Sally. The two team up to find Sally, and the trail leads to a big drug dealer by the name of Fenton. Since Fenton resides in an armed citadel surrounded by water, the remainder of the film entails Billy and Julie’s attempts to obtain entry. Along the way, Billy and Julie engage in fornication several times. When Billy learns his sister is dead, he accepts it, and he and Julie leave for the United States.

We need to keep in mind, given the excessive, graphic sex and violence in this film, that God hates fornication and violence. In fact, HURRICANE SMITH does not edify but on the contrary, tears down instead.

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