Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

Comic actor Pauly Shore joins the army to make quick bucks but faces life-threatening situations when his motley water purification crew is called to north Africa. IN THE ARMY NOW delivers fast-paced action and constant laughs, but Shore's lustful attitude, coarse sexual foreplay, sexual references, and a woman's reference to sadistic sexual acts are no laughing matters.


(H, LL, S, NN, A) Humanism with comic book portrayal of army life espousing both good and bad values -- loyalty to friends & duty, yet sexual promiscuity & disrespect for authority; 5 obscenities & 14 vulgarities (stereotypical "army talk"); portrayal of lust & sexual foreplay stopping just short of the act & salacious reference to sadistic sexual acts (by a woman); brief rear male nudity; and, social drinking at parties.

More Detail:

IN THE ARMY NOW stars Pauly Shore as out-of-work Bones Conway who, along with his friend Jack, dreams of opening a giant audio/video store. Needing cash to make it happen, Bones gets a brainstorm when he hears about the great benefits in the Army Reserves; so, he convinces Jack to sign up with him in the safe-sounding water purification unit, saying, “It’s a snap. My brother is a pool man.” The army eventually finds a surprise hero in this “cra-a-a-zy guy,” who asks the army barber to take “just a little off the sides.” When he chases 60 armed Libyans down a hillside, Bones proclaims, “We are the few! We are the proud! We are the Water Boys!”

Pauly Shore’s humor keeps the audience laughing throughout this purely escapist summer comedy. No blood and guts, but LOTS of fiery battles, realistic Libyan prisons and up-to-date weaponry make this movie fun for both the Rambo fan AND his wife. However, sadly, while 95 percent of the comic situations can be described to a six-year-old, the other 5 percent stray way out of bounds of “whatever is right, pure, or lovely” (Philippians 4:8). If it were not for the overly “colorful” language, coarse sexual foreplay and frequent sexual references, this COULD have been an entertaining movie for most of the family. In its current state, it is not.