What You Need To Know:

When Johnny Mnemonic agrees to carry two times as much information in his head than his brain can handle, he must download it within 24 hours or permanently loose all long-term memory. A villain named Street Preacher attempts to take Johnny's head and steal the information it contains. This obscenity-and-violence-filled flop of a high-tech comic book movie suffers from crossed wires and a virus that really "bytes."


(NA, Ab, VV, LLL, N, S) Pagan, anti-Christian worldview with a maniac "priest" named Street Preacher who crucifies his victims & a politically correct treatment of world suffering; Over 50 obscenities, 10 profanities & 10 vulgarities; comic book violence including lasers slicing through bodies & blowing up cars; brief partial female side nudity; and, brief sexual innuendo betwen villian and heroine

More Detail:

JOHNNY MNEMONIC is set in the year 2021 where a plague called Nerve Attenuation Syndrome (N.A.S.) is attacking the planet. World wide web computer hackers make the safe transfer of data impossible. Mnemonic couriers have computer chips implanted into their brains to carry classified data to their destination. The only drawback is that long-term memory gets wiped out. Keanu Reeves as Johnny Mnemonic is willing to take that chance “for the right price.” However, he must download within 24 hours or die. An evil crime lord, who runs the world’s most powerful crime ring, hires Street Preacher to bring in Johnny’s head. With armed thugs running close behind and an eminent fatal brain-crash, Johnny is fighting to save his own life.

This imaginative tale is a sign of the times: the internet and world-wide web are the current fashion. However, JOHNNY MNEMONIC falls apart every step of the way. Keanu Reeves, excellent in Speed, is unbelievable. The script writing is belabored and the effects for the most part are as hokey as PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. Robert Longo makes his directorial debut with this film and it shows. His dazzling computer generated sequences can not save this cyber-trash journey into the future. Filled with foul language and senseless violence, this film “bytes.”

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