Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

Based on the actual experiences of an Italian judge and his small corps of bodyguards battling corruption in Sicily, the subtitled LA SCORTA is a relatively non-violent thriller about the ongoing war against the Mafia. Marred by some objectionable language, the film manages to maintain a palpable air of suspense throughout although it focuses primarily on characterization.


(H, LL, VV, S, A, D, Ho, M) Secular humanist worldview; 22 obscenities & no profanities; obscure view of car full of bloody corpses & graphic view of two corpses lying in street; subtly implied fornication; wine served at meals but not abused; smoking; minor character subtly portrayed as homosexual; and, divorced character portrayed as hero but divorce itself portrayed as painful, law officers use illegal method to fight crime & young boys naively admire & mimic the violence of their father's job.

More Detail:

LA SCORTA — “The Escort” in Italian — is the story of a judge and his small corps of bodyguards battling corruption in Sicily. The film begins as the main character, Angelo, returns to his home town. He has volunteered for guard duty for the new assistant prosecutor, Judge de Francesco. It is a dangerous job: De Francesco’s predecessor and his bodyguards were assassinated for opposing the Mafia. Angelo’s best friend was killed while acting as the former judge’s bodyguard, and Angelo will not rest until he knows who pulled the trigger. Worried about their lives and their families, the other bodyguards try to get transferred to other assignments. When the new judge takes bold action to clean up the town, the stakes get higher still. Each man must decide whether or not he will continue the fight for justice, a fight which could cost them their lives.

LA SCORTA is a quality thriller. The acting, direction and script draw us into a believable world. LA SCORTA maintains a balance between suspense and character development, and avoids the gore and cruelty of most action thrillers. Marred by some foul language and graphic scenes of death, the film regrettably offers no solution beyond a gritty humanistic pragmatism.