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LOOKING FOR RICHARD is a docu-drama by Al Pacino which explores the making of a stage production of Shakespeare's RICHARD THE III. Funny and insightful, it takes us through the first read through, rehearsals and the stage production. With few objectionable materials, it is for all who wish to understand the dramatic pains of bringing this classic play to life.


(Pa, L, V) Pagan worldview about the quest for perfect Shakespearean drama; 8 profanities & one blasphemy; and, one murder on the stage

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LOOKING FOR RICHARD is a film that doesn’t tell the tale of Shakespeare’s RICHARD THE III, but searches for Shakespeare’s and Richard’s motivations. Envy, jealousy and deceit reigned in Richard’s heart throughout his calculated maneuvers to remove any obstacle which stood in the way of his rule. This directorial debut by Al Pacino brings a new light to the understanding of this play in docu-drama format. Pacino, known for his many award winning roles, has a love for the art of acting which compels him to demystify and dissect the fabled texts of Shakespeare. The movie carries us through the process of the first read through, the rehearsal and the live on stage/film performance.

Interviews conducted by Pacino with Vanessa Redgrave , Kenneth Branagh and Sir John Gielgud present us with a deeper perspective of the times and the psychosis of the tyrant known as Richard III. This experiment represents an enlightening perspective on the power of Shakespeare’s ability to communicate and an actor and director’s ability to interpret it. Pacino describes his endeavors as an experiment. In the process, you will laugh at the idiosyncrasies of this actor rampaging through New York interviewing people about this great play. With few objectionable elements, it is for all who wish to understand the dramatic pains of bringing this classic play to life.

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