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What You Need To Know:

MAGIC HUNTER is the occult story of seven magical bullets which the Devil gives to a police sharpshooter. The Devil pre-determines the target of the last bullet whose soul the Devil wants to own. The film contains many mystical and surrealistic elements, visual symbols and manifestations. While good does triumph over evil, the film is too convoluted in imagery and fails as a well-paced story.


(OO, M, L, VV, NN, D, M) Mystical occult worldview with moral elements depicting symbolism of good triumphing over evil ; 4 profanities; some action violence with a man holding a girl hostage, girl is shot, man shoots himself in the head, a bloody scene where a bullet it taken out of a girl's heart & where a gun is the predominant theme of the story, & wife slaps husband; flirtation between a man & a married woman, man kissing wife's feet, man caressing wife in kitchen, & a naturalistic shot of two snails copulating; girl unbuttons blouse & full back nudity of woman; cigar smoking; and, magical bullets, depiction's of the Devil in human form, a painting of the Virgin Mary comes to life & morphs into a little girl, & a fleeing rabbit morphs into a painting,

More Detail:

MAGIC HUNTER is a surrealistic tale of the Devil’s frustrated efforts to own a human soul. Max is a police sharpshooter, who shoots a hostage instead of the kidnapper. The Devil, disguised as a senior police officer, ‘saves’ him by giving him seven magical bullets which never miss their intended targets. The final bullet has a target already predetermined by the Devil. Max undertakes to provide protection to a visiting Russian chess champion. In the course of his duties, he spies a blossoming friendship between the chess champion and Max’s wife Eva. All these lives intertwine in a conclusion where Max finally discovers who is the target for the last bullet.

MAGIC HUNTER, despite its rather alluring plot, is a dreadful film. The film is scattered with symbolism, visual abstractions and allegories that bear no relevance to the central story. These pretentious visualizations have more to do with the indulgences of director than with good drama. The film portrays the Devil as a frustrated loser incapable of owning even one human soul who is finally defeated by the pure at heart, MAGIC HUNTER is best avoided, having no salvation of its own. It is an occult mess.