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What You Need To Know:

MOLL FLANDERS is a period film about a woman who appears to have no other choice than to live life as a prostitute in 18th century England. Separated from her only child, she pens a memoir to be read to her child by the benevolent Mr. Hybill. The movie sacrifices simplicity with a jumbled storyline including sex, blasphemy, anti-Christian bigotry, nudity, and prostitution.


(H, Ab, LL, V, S, NN) Humanist worldview with pronounced anti-Christian elements; 4 obscenities & 8 vulgarities; one hand stabbed with needle, one scene involves the beating of the main character by a priest while several nuns watch; open prostitution; and, 2 scenes with full female & male nudity

More Detail:

MOLL FLANDERS tells the oft told tale of the prostitute with the heart of gold. Though initially raised in the church, she finds herself on the street shuffled from one home to the next and faced with a life of prostitution. A young gentleman uses her as a model for his painting. The two fall in love, marry, and Moll finds herself pregnant with young Flora. The gentleman dies of small pox before Flora is born, however, leaving Moll and the young child on the street with nothing. Leaving the child with a kind woman, Moll seeks out honest work trying to avoid the life of prostitution but finds herself falsely accused of theft and facing certain death. M. Allworthy, her former employer, rescues her and whisks her off in her carriage to a ship headed for America. Moll crosses the Atlantic for America and begins writing her memoirs to be given eventually to Flora so she can know about her mother. Then, Moll sends Hybill, played by Morgan Freeman back to England to find Flora.

The movie is filled with prostitution, anti-Christian bigotry and some rough language. There is full female and male nudity and some violence including a hand stabbed with a large needle. The film is very cliched, not to mention laborious and cumbersome to watch. Altogether, MOLL FLANDERS is a disappointment.

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