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Release Date: December 27, 1996

Starring: Albert Brooks, Debbie
Reynolds, Rob Morrow, & Lisa

Genre: Comedy


Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 104 minutes

Distributor: Paramount Pictures

Director: Albert Brooks

Executive Producer:

Producer: Scott Rudin & Herb Nanas

Writer: Albert Brooks & Monica Johnson

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(Pa, LL, S, M) Pagan worldview where personal problems are solved by self-analysis; 6 obscenities & 12 profanities; sexual talk & implied adultery; and divorce


MOTHER captures the idiosyncrasies between mother and son when a grown son decides to move back in with his mother in order to discover why his relationships with women fail. Written, directed by and starring Albert Brooks, it also features the return of Debbie Reynolds to the big screen. Pitted with dry but witty sarcastic humor, it contains some obscenities, profanities and implied fornication.


What happens when a grown man decides to move back in with his mother? We discover the answer in the new Albert Brooks' film MOTHER. Brooks plays John Henderson, a science fiction writer whose life seems to be heading downhill. Recently divorced for the second time, every woman involved in his life loathes him. John, a quasi-successful writer, concludes that both his failure with women and his writers block stems from his dysfunctional relationship with his mother. In order to unravel this past mystery, Henderson takes it upon himself to move back in with his widowed mother to sort things out. When John's brother Jeff finds out about this plan, he becomes very jealous over their mother. Through situations and conversations, we discover that Jeff may have some dysfunction to conquer, too.

The film is hilarious with its dry, sardonic wit. This movie offers a godless solution to the dilemma of human relationships. Though arriving at a truthful and workable solution, the means were entirely the result of human effort. This movie also has some obscenities, profanities, implied adultery, and fornication. This movie is not for children, but adults who have always wanted to patch things up better at home may find themselves laughing at the stupidity, misunderstanding and odd ball behaviors of the characters in MOTHER.

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