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"Fun, Furry and Full of Heart"

What You Need To Know:

ATS & DOGS: THE REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE is a fun, witty, exciting family adventure. Diggs, a police dog who’s been caged for disobeying orders, is recruited to embark on a mission to stop a fanatical feline named Kitty Galore. Diggs quickly realizes he’ll have to learn to forgo his own pride and stubbornness to cooperate with others. With the help of a comical ignoramus of a pigeon, the team includes a smart, sassy, fearless cat named Catherine, a gruff mentor named Butch, and tons of far-fetched gadgetry and gizmos. Diggs proves to the others and himself that success can be won when talents are joined with humility and a spirit of service.

The CATS & DOGS sequel contains moral values regarding selflessness, humility and repentance. The cats and dogs must choose to either be friendly and work together, or maintain their animosity and fall apart separately. There is some minor scatological and slapstick humor as well as some violence, but no serious injuries occur. Respect for humans is maintained save for when an avalanche of kitty litter knocks down an elderly woman. One scene about catnip metaphorically implies drug use.


(BB, C, V, DD, M) Strong moral worldview with redemptive elements promoting humility, working together, repentance, and restoration as main characters overcome a mutual hatred for one another and unite to defend humankind against an evil scheme; no foul language but mild scatological humor includes dogs sniffing each other’s rear ends and references to kitty litter; mild violence including man being bitten in the rear by main dog, grenades being thrown, a man in a bear suit accidentally gets hit in the head with a fetched stick, as well as an old lady pushed to the ground by an avalanche of kitty litter; no sex; no nudity; no alcohol; no smoking but comical allusion to drug use when a group of delirious cats are essentially high on too much catnip; and, villain wants to rule the world but her tyranny is rebuked.

More Detail:

CATS & DOGS: THE REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE is a fantastically entertaining family movie that tells the exciting tale of cats and dogs working together as a team to protect humans from a maniacal feline foe.

A sequel to the 2001 movie, this follow-up opens with a German Sheppard police dog named Diggs bounding bravely to the scene of a crime alongside his partner/owner, Shane, played by Chris O’Donnell. When Diggs disobeys orders and lunges at the criminal, biting him in the backside, his budding career in law enforcement comes to an end, and the poor pup is put in doggie jail at the police station.

When all hope seems gone, a top agent from DOG Headquarters, Butch, emerges out of the floor and presents Diggs with an irresistible proposition – catch the crazed Kitty Galore before she destroys the bond between humans and dogs forever and seizes world domination.

Diggs is quickly ushered into a world he never knew existed, a subterranean nexus of international canine operations reminiscent of the impressive headquarters of the MEN IN BLACK movies in which strange creatures travel, train, construct, and communicate in their own high-tech, top secret world. It’s here that Diggs is introduced to the rest of the pack, of which he must learn to be a part. The leader is Lou, an all-business, spectacled beagle that barks the orders. Peek, a Chinese Crested, is the agency’s geeky go-to guy for cutting-edge technology, including the Catimatron that helps dogs think like a cat.

Back on the streets, Diggs and his gruff mentor, Butch, voiced by Nick Nolte, meet Seamus, a pigeon with a small grape/big raisin-sized brain and a price on his beak. Kitty Galore has sent assassins after the friendly fowl because he’s had a bird’s-eye view of some of her hush-hush gadgetry.

The fourth member of the crime-fighting menagerie is one Diggs isn’t quite ready to accept: a fearless cat named Catherine who works for MEOWS. Kitty Galore’s vengeful scheme to rule the world, humans and dogs alike, has forced cats and canines to maintain their hatred and be defeated, or join forces and take Kitty down.

Kitty, a former MEOWS agent, has gone rogue. Ostracized by her family when they couldn’t recognizer her after her lush white fur was wiped out in a depilatory vat, the tempestuous cat has become one insane sour puss. While suffering the bizarre costumes and pathetic magic tricks of incompetent carnival magician Chuck the Magnificent, Kitty masterminds her nefarious plot to take over the globe.

The CATS & DOGS sequel is clever, creative, quirky, and highly entertaining, especially in 3D. There is some minor scatological and slapstick humor as well as some violence, but no serious injuries occur. The violence is substantially less than in the first movie, however, and no human or animal character is seriously harmed. One scene in particular may require caution for young children when a group of delirious cats are essentially high on too much catnip.