(H, LLL, VVV, M) 62 obscenities & 15 profanities; graphic violence in the form of multiple bloody, sadistic killings and brutal beatings; and, murder, theft & corruption of law enforcement.

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Expert climber and Rocky Mountain rescue worker Sylvester Stallone drops a climber to her death during a rescue but must face the mountain and himself to save his friends from criminals in the action-packed thriller, CLIFFHANGER. In the movie, a well-armed gang of international thieves lures a rescue party with a fake call for help after their getaway plane crash-lands in the Rockies, and their loot is lost in the snow-covered wilderness. They need the mountain experts to locate the cash and will stop at nothing in this suspenseful, danger-filled adventure. Brute force is the deciding factor as Stallone attempts to beat the villian and save his friends on the mountain top.

The cinematography is stunning, with the aerial shots, the mountain vistas and the climbers hanging thousands of feet in the air, all combining to make this a visually amazing film. Stallone turns in his usual stoic performance, slim on dialogue but huge on action! Janine Turner’s performance is a joke, but Michael Rooker helps out with a good effort as Stallone’s partner. John Lithgow makes a great villian, and, along with his gang, is responsible for the brutally offensive content. The bad guys get what they deserve, but who can tell when violence rains on everyone. Regrettably, the extremely offensive dialogue and brutal violence destroy the entertainment value of CLIFFHANGER.

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