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What You Need To Know:

In the film, DARK HORSE, fourteen-year-old Allison Mills, shaken by her mother's death, keeps company with the wrong friends and winds up in juvenile court. However, Allison discovers a whole new life after the judge sentences her to ten weekends of community service on a horse ranch where disabled children learn to ride horses. DARK HORSE is an entertaining film that will provide young people with a positive example.


(C, B, L) A moral lesson that one has to lose one's life by giving to others in order to find it, marred by 5 profanities and 2 obscenities.

More Detail:

Following her mother’s death in the film DARK HORSE, fourteen-year-old Allison Mills faces a new school. However, she also has to face her new situation without the support of her workaholic father. As a result, she finds herself in juvenile court. The judge sentences Allison to ten weekends of community service on a horse ranch where the children are disabled, but in their determination and steadfastness, they learn to ride the horses. Allison befriends the children and a racehorse, Jet, who recuperates at the ranch after an injury. Jet seems temperamental, yet Allison earns his trust. Her grades in school improve, and she even nurses Jet back to health. Regrettably, while taking Jet back to his owner, Allison and the veterinarian have an accident. Allison finds herself confined to a wheelchair and may never walk again. Moreover, Jet may have to be put to sleep. Allison gains strength from the disabled children and Jet who recovers from the accident. However, one final incident tests Allison’s strength to walk.

This “must see” film brings to mind the scriptural idea of losing one’s life in order to find it (Luke 17:33, since only in the service of others did Allison find her life. DARK HORSE provides young people with a positive example, and it is an entertaining, moral film that will challenge, encourage and stir your emotions.