Nudity, obscenities, profanities, gory violence.

More Detail:

Directed by Lucio Fulci, who is cited as Italy’s reigning King of Splatter in the book SPLATTER MOVIES, this wretched little film tells the story of a psycho murderer on the loose in New York City. His prey are students of the New York Performing Arts Center, where he hunts them down, usually in locker rooms so as to catch the girls naked.

Opening with a dance sequence of young performers, the instructor is told afterwards that only three of the group can perform in a Broadway play. Obviously hurt, she leaves, quite disappointed that the other members of her dance team will not have the same opportunity.

Two of the team slip away into the girl’s locker room. The young girl tells her boyfriend that she wants to take a quick shower, then get back with him. He leaves, and she undresses.

As she steps into the shower, an unseen assailant covers her mouth with a rag filled with chloroform, then while she is unconscious, inserts a 12″ knitting needle into her left breast, puncturing her heart and killing her. This is done very graphically and in close-up.

Needless to say, the picture goes downhill from there. Equally gruesome, graphic murders continue throughout the film. DEMON ON THE LOOSE is technically poorly-staged, from all aspects of production and direction.

Considering the previous films this director has made (ZOMBIE; TWILIGHT OF THE DEAD; THE PSYCHIC; THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY), it should be obvious what this movie is all about.