"Comical Misadventures"


What You Need To Know:

HOODWINKED TOO! HOOD VS. EVIL is an animated comedy that follows the misadventures of the Happily Ever After Agency, who fight to stop evil. The comical crew includes the director, a talking frog named Nick Flippers, and Granny, Red, Wolf, and Twitchy the squirrel. The agency finds out that the evil witch Verushka has kidnapped Hansel and Gretel. Little Red Riding Hood is away learning the secrets of the Sister Hoods, however, and Verushka manages to capture Granny. She tries to force Granny to tell the secret ingredient to a truffle dish that can make you all-powerful. Nick orders a reluctant Wolf and Red to work together to rescue Granny and stop the evil witch.

HOODWINKED TOO! is funny and full of adventure, but the storyline sometimes gets too convoluted. A clear depiction of good versus evil, HOODWINKED TOO! has a moral, redemptive worldview filled with forgiveness. There’s some scatological humor, however, along with some cartoon action violence that’s also comical. Also, some of the clearly evil villains are a little bit scary for younger children. The tone of HOODWINKED TOO! is light and goofy, so the movie’s not too intense.


(BB, C, V, N, M) Strong moral, light redemptive worldview where doing the right thing is honored and forgiveness is given; no foul language, but some scatological humor; light cartoon violence includes beating with rolling pin, women repeatedly being stepped on, kicking, punching, knocking down; no sexual content but there is an effeminate monster and another effeminate character; upper and partial rear nudity on a large green troll monster who appears in a Sumo wrestling diaper get-up; no alcohol use; no smoking or drugs; and, scene in a nightclub but the movie condemns it, kidnapping and female lead wears a beard as a disguise.

More Detail:

HOODWINKED TOO! HOOD VS. EVIL 2 follows the adventures of the Happily Ever After Agency (HEA) who fight to stop evil. The comical crew entails the head, a talking frog named Nick Flippers, and Granny, Red, Wolf, and Twitchy the squirrel.

Discovering that an evil witch named Verushka has kidnapped Hansel and Gretel, the HEA go to save them. Because Red is off learning the ways of the covert group the Sister Hoods, Wolf and Granny’s plan to save Hansel and Gretel are foiled and Granny gets taken by Verushka the Witch.

While Red is being taught by the Sister Hoods, she learns of a secret truffle divine that, with one bite, will make you all-powerful. There is one very secret ingredient that turns the truffle into complete power, but only a true Sister of the Sister Hood group would be able to decipher what that ingredient is.

In Urgency, Nick Flippers calls Red to tell her Granny has been kidnapped. Mr. Flippers tells Red he is putting Red and Wolf on the mission as partners to find Granny. Both Red and Wolf are not too happy about being partners, Red thinking because of Wolf’s bad tactics he allowed Granny to be taken, and Wolf thinking Red left the HEA in a time of need to study with the Sister Hoods. Red and Wolf learn they need to work together to save Granny, Hansel and Gretel, and ultimately the world.

Verushka the Witch forces Granny to bake the all-powerful truffle. She has all the ingredients but the secret one, which Granny refuses to give up. It’s finally revealed that Verushka is actually a past Sister from the Sister Hoods. Verushka has been harboring resentment for Granny because Granny was always better at everything. Thus, Verushka never learned the secret ingredient and therefore needs Granny, who’s a superior baker.

Meanwhile, Red and Wolf search for Granny and Hansel and Gretel. They ask everyone on the street. They even ask the town scoundrels if they have been working with the Verushka the Witch, including the owner of the local nightclub, Giant, and a scary rabbit named Boingo The Bunny.

In the end, Red and Wolf learn they need to work together to help save the world, while Granny learns to forgive.

HOODWINKED TOO! is funny and full of adventure but sometimes that adventure has too many storylines and becomes convoluted. The clearly evil characters HOODWINKED TOO! can be a little scary for little children and discernment should be used.

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