Some obscenities and profanities; lewd strip tease and some crude sexual innuendos; destruction of property; and, the brief mocking of a clergyman.

More Detail:

Mark and Jennifer Bannister are a successful Los Angeles yuppie couple who nearly lose their sanity when a stream of obnoxious house guests make life miserable for them by threatening to never leave. First, Fred and Bernice, Mark’s unemployed cousin and wife from New Jersey, drop in. Then, Jennifer’s rich, spoiled sister, Claudia, who’s been kicked out by her husband, takes up residence. Later, Claudia’s drug-dealing son, Jonathan, comes to stay.

By day 12, their mayhem causes the neighbor’s house to burn down, so he and his two bratty kids also move in with the Bannisters. The seven of them are all ungrateful, unholy and unruly. Day 27 passes, and none of this has yet to be funny. As day 50 approaches, life becomes increasingly frenzied for Mark and Jennifer, so much so that the level of plausibility is stretched beyond limit.

Finally, Mark gets around to proving the premise of the film by angrily shouting, “A man is king of his castle!” as the two of them proceed to exact revenge on their unwanted house guests. Too bad no one tells him about Proverbs 17:1, “Better a dry crust with peace and quiet, than a house full of feasting, with strife.”

You will want to avoid the movie, which is worse than many television sitcoms. These shallow characters destroy property, utter obscenities and profanities, offer crude sexual references, and make light-hearted treatment of murder.

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