Several profanities and obscenities; voyeurism; necromantic and scatological humor; and, violence, murder, lying and kidnapping

More Detail:

City commissioner of the coastal California community of Las Playas, Jack Berger, refuses to participate in an illegal toxic-waste disposal operation. Therefore, Potterdam, the man behind the ocean-dumping scheme, decides to have Berger killed. Berger, however, has recorded Potterdam’s criminal dealings on cassette tape, but inadvertently leaves it with Susan, his campaign manager, before going home one evening.

Residing in the building across from Berger’s are two street smart garbage men, Carl and James. That night, Carl, the voyeur, watches a spat between Berger and Susan. As Susan leaves, Carl shoots Berger innocuously with a pellet gun. Moments later, unbeknownst to Carl, two of Potterdam’s hit men enter Berger’s apartment and strangle him.

The next morning an observer named Lewis is assigned to ride with Carl and James on their route, since the boys have a penchant for getting themselves into trouble. The three discover the dead body of the commissioner stuffed into a trash barrel. Thinking he is responsible, Carl wants to keep the body hidden. Lewis convinces them they must go after the real killers, which Carl reasons could be Susan.

Carl approaches Susan with all kinds of fabrications, but levels with her when complications arise. Later, they themselves get stuffed into waste barrels by Potterdam’s goons who are after the cassette tape. These mindless chase sequences and run-ins with other imbecilic characters eventually reach their conclusion at the city dump, which is where this movie should have been buried, given its preoccupation with excrement and obscenity.

The scatological humor also involves jokes with the dead commissioner’s body, which are shamefully not funny. What kind of heroes are these anyway, who engage in voyeurism and kidnapping, and tie policemen up in a sexually compromising position? Obviously the kind that are without restraint. Poor performances combined with lame dialogue and uninspired direction make for a tasteless, base action-comedy.