Content: Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

The movie SKETCH ARTIST contains an interesting hook: a police sketch artist, based on a witness's description, sketches his own wife as the leading suspect in a murder. Although there is capable acting by Jeff Fahey as Jack, the artist, other factors in the movie, including gratuitous sex scenes and lifeless, wooden acting by Sean Young as Jack's wife, cause it to fail.


(LL, V, SS, NN, A/D, M) Over 25 obscenities and 6 profanities; brief violence in fighting scene & in murder by shooting victim point blank; several graphic sex scenes (two between persons who are married); scenes with upper female nudity (side view) & long shot of nude couple; also, woman in brief underclothing; and, numerous drinking & smoking scenes.

More Detail:

The movie SKETCH ARTIST contains an interesting hook: a police sketch artist (Jack), based on a witness’s description, sketches his own wife as the leading murder suspect in the murder of a fashion designer, Tommy Silver. The police investigation leads nowhere, and Jack starts his own investigation. He confronts his wife, who denies knowing Silver, and Jack reconciles with her. Later, he thinks that Silver’s business manager, Paul Cordel, is the killer and sets up an appointment to meet him. At the meeting, Jack’s wife and Cordel hold a gun on him, and he realizes that she is the real killer.

SKETCH ARTIST, despite its gratuitous sex scenes and nudity, could have been a much better movie. The basic plot, with the artist sketching his own wife as a possible suspect, is an intriguing one. Jeff Fahey as a suspicious and obsessed husband turns in a creditable performance, but Sean Young’s characterization as his wife is wooden and lifeless. Drew Barrymore’s brief appearance is merely passable, but not outstanding. The real problem with the movie is that the characters need to know Christ as their Savior and, without Him, they seek temporal answers to eternal questions.