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What You Need To Know:

THE CRYING GAME is a sordid little drama which attempts to combine terrorist machinations and gender-bender intrigue, with unsuccessful results. An interesting setup involving a brief friendship between a kidnapping victim and his captor bogs down as the captor falls in love with the victim's girlfriend--who turns out to be a man! Lots of ear-splitting language and bloody shoot-outs present more than enough reasons to avoid this cinematic disaster.


(LLL, VV, SS, NN, Ho) 85 obscenities and 5 profanities; man run over by truck; 3 gunfights, one particularly bloody killing at close range; sodomy suggested; brief but overt full frontal male nudity; pivotal character involved in transexuality and multiple homosexual relationships.

More Detail:

Set in Northern Ireland, THE CRYING GAME is a somber and sordid little drama (that divides, drama-like, into three Acts) which attempts to mix terrorist machinations and gender-bender intrigue, with decidedly unsuccessful results. The movie has an interesting setup involving a brief friendship between a kidnapped Black British soldier and one of his IRA captors. However, the plot becomes complicated as the captor eventually falls in love with the victim’s (the Black soldier) girlfriend–who turns out to be a man! As it turns out, these politically correct ponderings, give way to some old-fashioned violence as the IRA ambush is bungled with both victim and terrorist dying in a hail of bullets. In the final moments we see the transvestite in full female regalia sauntering into prison to bring vitamins and good cheer to his/her apparent true love who only has about seven years left to serve.

Thus THE CRYING GAME goes totally haywire as its attempt to “break new ground” in the political thriller genre manages to be both highly distracting and hopelessly muddled at the same time. Despite competent acting and direction, this film, which boasts ear-splitting language along with its inside-out sex and bloody shoot-outs, is a major turnoff and a waste of time. If this storyline offends you, please call: Harvey & Bob Weinstein, Co-Chairmen, Miramax Films, (212) 941-3800.