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What You Need To Know:

THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS shows a modern day veterinarian named Abby struggling with her self-image. Dealing with the struggle to fit into a "perfect world," the movie demonstrates that personality and heart matter over physical beauty. Including some bad language and phone sex, it is a modern retelling of the CYRANO DE BERGERAC story with female leads.


(B, LL, S, A) Moral worldview demonstrating beauty coming from within the person; 18 obscenities, 4 profanities & 1 vulgarity; no violence; some sexual conversations & one phone sex scene; and, alcohol use leading to drunkeness

More Detail:

THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS is a modern day CYRANO DE BEGERAC with a Generation X protagonist. Dr. Abby Barnes has a successful career as a veterinarian, but she is unlucky at love and upset about her lack of beauty. Her neighbor Noelle, however, is a beauty with many boyfriends. Abby longs to be Noelle, feeling that only then can she find true love. A photographer named Brian, calls Abby on her radio talk show and needs serious help with a dog. Brian soon falls in love with Abby’s voice, but when he asks her what she looks like, she freezes and ends up describing Noelle instead. Noelle ends up posing as Abby, yet Brian knows something is amiss. They continue going through the motions and living the lies until at a moment of confusion, Brian makes a discovery resulting in pain and happiness.

With female leads, THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS poignantly attests to many modern women’s fixation with beauty. Abby longs for the perfect body, so she can match herself with the perfect man. Yet, when she learns to believe in her own gifts and abilities, she is able to reap rewards. Janeane Garofalo as Abby and Uma Thurman as Noelle create reactions and chemistry to create a very believable love triangle. Including some bad language and phone sex, the movie gives a feminine twist to a classic story of love.