"Various New Yorkers Try To Figure Out Life"

Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

PERSON TO PERSON follows four storylines in New York City. Two teenage girls are trying to understand love and their sexuality. A record collector seeking a rare record discovers he’s been robbed. A man tries to mend a strained relationship with his ex-girlfriend after he puts nude photos of her on the Internet. Finally, a rookie reporter tags alongside her demanding supervisor to solve a crime while considering whether this job is right for her.

PERSON TO PERSON is a compelling but uneven character-driven movie. The plot is secondary to the characters. So, the movie jumps from story to story. This sometimes is confusing and frustrating because some of the four stories are more engaging than others. For example, the story of the two teenagers has some interesting moments, but the story of the man with the ex-girlfriend is not appealing. PERSON TO PERSON has a mixed pagan worldview where people are confused and immoral. This is mixed with light redemptive, moral elements stressing repentance, forgiveness, compassion, and honesty. Finally, there’s an excessive amount of objectionable, lewd content in PERSON TO PERSON.


(PaPa, C, B, HoHo, LLL, V, SS, NNN, AA, DD, MM) Strong mixed pagan worldview where people are confused and immoral, but mitigated by a light redemptive, moral plotline stressing repentance, forgiveness, compassion, and honesty as opposed to resentment, plus there is some over homosexual content and references as teenage girl ponders whether she can like a boy and seems to find she might be able to do that, but the issue doesn’t appear to be totally resolved; several obscenities and profanities, obscene visual of a man posing nude with a stuffed animal for the internet, girl looks at online photos of a naked woman, 10 profanities including s, h, f, and b words; light action violence such as man chases another man through a record store after he robs him, records and boxes fall around them in the store, an older brother shoves a man in his car after he ridiculed his sister; strong sexual content includes depicted sexual promiscuity, implied sexual promiscuity, teenagers kiss and grope each other on the couch, homosexuality, lesbian states she has had sex with two women before, teenager gets a text of dirty pictures of her boyfriend’s genitals, man talks about taking naked photos of his ex-girlfriend, teenager goes upstairs to make out with her boyfriend, friend says she often hears her moaning and screaming when she makes out with her boyfriend, men and women sleep together before marriage; brief nudity, teenager flashes a quick photo of her boyfriend’s genitals to her friend, teenager shows a photo of a naked woman’s private parts to her friend; a scene of alcohol abuse when underage teenagers share a six pack of beer, plus other alcohol use includes a man and woman who drink red wine on a date; no smoking but implied illegal drug use includes man references smoking too much weed after a bad break up; and, strong miscellaneous immorality includes lying, pride, greed, blackmail, and dysfunctional relationships.

More Detail:

PERSON TO PERSON is a compelling but uneven character-driven movie that follows various New Yorkers and their everyday lives. At its core, it’s more of a movie made up of conversations between different people.

A driven reporter (Michel Cera) has the job of training a newbie reporter (Abbi Jacobson) on her first day on the job. They spend most of the movie in the car, side by side, revealing their fears, hopes and worries in life while driving all over town to solve a recent crime. The major plot in the story is focused on the crime, a murder investigation between a deceased husband and his living wife.

Meanwhile, two teenage girls discuss boys and their ideas about sexuality. One young girl is boy hungry and lives for the next moment she can make out with her boyfriend when her parents are at work. Her friend, however, thinks she’s a lesbian although she reveals to her friend she may actually like boys since she’s just never been with one to know for sure.

The two teenagers have a party, which consists of drinking a warm beer and pairing off with a couple boys going through puberty like themselves. The teenager who thinks she’s a lesbian makes out with a boy for the first time and tears up realizing she may actually have feelings for him. She doesn’t know how to address this, pushes him away and decides they should be friends. The boy is fine with this, exposing her eyes to the side of a male she has never seen before.

Flash forward to a broken young man trying to get his ex-girlfriend back after posting nude photos of her online. The man is sleeping on his friend’s couch to hide from the ex’s angry older brother. Her brother finds him and forces him to take off his clothes to take nude photos of him holding a stuffed animal. He posts them on the Internet, giving the man a taste of what his sister has gone through because of what he did.

Exposed and ashamed, the man approaches his ex, cries his eyes out and begs for her forgiveness. She forgives him, admitting she has missed him too. Across town an older man is trying to tell a single mom with a son that he loves her while tracking down a pimply teenager who sold him a fake record.

Back to the crime scene. Three old men in a clock shop discuss the crime the reporters are following. They update each other with their finding while reminiscing on their life. The reporters eventually find out the woman murdered her husband. The wife hits the newbie reporter with a purse and calls her a name. She’s carted off to jail, but the experience helps the new reporter decide journalism isn’t the career for her.

PERSON TO PERSON is a realistic depiction of people and the problems they face in everyday life. It has a string of somewhat interesting stories, but it jumps from story to story, which can be confusing and frustrating, especially since some stories are more engaging than others. The story about two teenage girls trying to define how they feel about boys is one of the stronger storylines. However, the story about a man with no job sleeping on a friend’s couch while trying to figure out how to get his ex-girlfriend back after he posted naked photos of her online has nowhere to go but downhill. The movie has a redemptive plotline stressing the power in forgiveness, but otherwise has a strong pagan worldview containing sexual promiscuity, foul language, brief extreme nudity, homosexual references, and suggestive storylines. So, despite the redemptive elements in PERSON TO PERSON, the filmmakers have included an excessive amount of objectionable content reflecting a pagan view of the human condition.