"There Are No Orphans with God"

Content: +3 Some minor questionable elements.

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What You Need To Know:

In RAISING IZZIE, two orphaned sisters, Gerty and Izzie, live alone and support each other while trying to keep their solitude a secret. Meanwhile, a young couple is frustrated by their inability to bear children. Both families have a member who struggles with their faith and a member who promotes God and faith. The wife, who’s also a teacher, discovers the truth about the girls when a fire consumes their small apartment. She takes them in despite her husband’s reluctance, but the husband adopts them when she enters a coma. Will everyone’s faith survive this trial?

This endearing tale has a predictable yet engaging plotline with some memorable moments. Humor is incorporated into the story, but some of the story remains campy and underworked. However, the movie’s conclusions about God, faith, prayer, and miracles make it a must-see for families. Miracles are possible with God. Jesus is uplifted as the Son of God, and prayer becomes important for everyone, especially for the grieving. RAISING IZZIE is a poignant, redemptive tale with some cautionary elements that will entertain many viewers.


(CCC, BBB, L, V, A, MM) Very strong Christian, biblical worldview including frequent references to God and prayer, prayer encouraged, prayers performed, faith in God, God’s will be done, peace that passes all understanding, praying in the name of Jesus, apologizing and asking forgiveness, going to church, promoting marriage and family, “God answers prayers,” belief in God questioned, tested, and found, God and miracles real; some language including one OMG, one “shut up,” one “loser,” one “d” word, and one “hell” not referring to the biblical hell; light implied violence where woman hit by car but it’s not shown; no sexual content but there’s discussion about couple’s inability to have children; no nudity; light alcohol use; no smoking or drugs; and some miscellaneous immoral content including forging signatures, frequent lying but rebuked, mocking, skipping class, children break into school, some marital fights and yelling but apologies, and children live by themselves but this is rebuked.

More Detail:

RAISING IZZIE is a tenderhearted story of two young girls who find a home with a childless couple. This TV movie contains some great acting and strong Christian/biblical content. It’s appropriate for most audiences.

The story begins with young Gerty narrating about her deceased mother’s care for Gerty and her younger sister, Izzie, and how Gerty misses her mother. Gerty wakes her sister for school as her mother used to do for them, and they get ready and walk to school together. The sisters are very supportive of each other and hug and love each other despite sometimes mocking the other. It’s clear the two young girls live alone in an apartment, and they plan to keep the fact a secret by maintaining high grades and lying low. Their plan fails when the new teacher discovers Gerty’s mother didn’t come to the parent-teacher conference.

Gerty forges her mother’s signature and tries to write a letter of excuse to dismiss her teacher, but the teacher searches her record and discovers the trickery. Meanwhile, this teacher and her husband can’t have children. Both are examined in order to find the reason. The husband tries to comfort his wife and prays for God’s will to be done, but his wife remains upset and hurt.

The wife confronts Gerty about the forged signature at school, but she denies everything and lies that her mother is in the hospital with cancer. The teacher knows she’s lying but doesn’t continue to prod.

Later, Gerty and Izzie arrive at home only to discover that it burned down and they have nowhere to stay. They decide to break into the school cafeteria in order to eat and stay warm, but a security guard catches them. He turns them over to the teacher, who just so happened to be at the school. Izzie yells out the truth about their circumstances, so the teacher takes them in for the night. The husband is at first very reluctant about this, but he concedes to his upset wife. When the couple learns of Gerty and Izzie living alone, the wife talks about temporary custody of the children, but her husband resists. However, one day his wife is hit by a car while chasing after Izzie, and he grants her desire while she lies in a coma.

The mixed family is upset by the coma. The disbelieving Gerty continues to doubt God’s existence, goodness, and answer to prayer. When Izzie and the husband pray for his wife, Gerty decides to give God one more chance to answer a miraculous prayer.

RAISING IZZIE is quite engaging and full of faith in God. The movie attempts to answer the question “Is God real?” and does so positively in the end. A strong promotion of family is prevalent throughout the movie. It’s especially poignant for adopted or grieving families. The acting is good, but the script sometimes lacks individuality and surprise. Thus, the plot was a bit predictable, though still entertaining. Some characters were clichéd, such as the teenagers at the school who didn’t do their homework and flinched at the notion of detention. The script was also sometimes a little cheesy and underworked in some parts, especially during arguments concerning God.

However, the movie’s conclusions about God, faith, prayer, and miracles make it a must-see for families and people of faith. Miracles are possible with God. Jesus is uplifted as the Son of God, and prayer becomes important for everyone, especially for the grieving.

All in all, RAISING IZZIE is a delightful, redemptive, faith-friendly movie for almost all audiences.