Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

Based on a play from Milcha Sanchez-Scott, ROOSTERS is a story of love and power, dreams and disillusionment within a Latino family living the southwestern United States. The film invokes the potent symbol of the rooster, the proud cock that lives only to fight in the bloody rings of its master, a reflection of the family vitality struggling to maintain its dignity and identity. This engaging tales depicts a pagan struggle with lots of bloody rooster fights.


(NA, B, Ro, LL, V, SS, NN, A, M, Ab) Pagan worldview with some moral references and some symbolist elements; 12 obscenities & 22 profanities; moderate violence including bloody cock fighting scenes, fighting between father & and son & off-screen suicide; depicted sexual immorality; brief full-frontal female nudity; brief alcohol abuse; gambling; and, misunderstanding of Catholic faith

More Detail:

In ROOSTERS, starring Edward James Olmos and Sonia Bragga, the Morales family can not fathom the big change in their lives when Gallo Morales comes back home after serving seven years in prison for manslaughter. Desiring to win the allegiance of his family, he alienates them with his bloodlust and pride as a notorious breeder of fighting cock roosters. His son Hector inherits a prize-winning cock from his grandfather and wants to make a change in his life by using the cock to collect winnings at a fight. Hector is not happy with his father’s absence for all those years and blames him for making his mother’s life bitter. Hector’s sister Angel copes with her father’s absence by living in an imaginary, superstitious world where she believes herself to be an real angel. Spoiled by her mother and her aunt Chata, she falls deeper and deeper into her false beliefs. As family struggles escalates, Angel commits suicide in this tragic tale.

While the issue of the conflicts between two generations is not new, the Latin American setting and the use of the rooster as a symbol of familial discontent provide a refreshing, yet sad commentary. Displaying graphic cock-fight violence, some nudity and profanity, this movie shocks while it probes poignant questions.

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