"God-Centered Sports Drama"

Content: +4 Biblical worldview, with no questionable elements whatsoever.

What You Need To Know:

ROUND OF YOUR LIFE is a sports drama about a high schooler who’s the son of a golf legend. Fifteen-year-old Taylor Collins doesn’t care about the golf team, despite his father’s insistence. However, when a car accident puts his father into a coma, Taylor tries to convince the golf coach to give him another chance to make his dad proud. With the help of his brother, mom and high school crush, Taylor puts all of his faith in God to heal his dad, which would be nothing short of a miracle.

Despite some funny, heartwarming moments, ROUND OF YOUR LIFE struggles with quality. As the coach, Richard T. Jones brings the most authenticity, but some of the main plot points lack logic. Happily, ROUND OF YOUR LIFE has a very strong Christian worldview. The characters are guided by God and look or pray to Him for direction. When things don’t go the way they expect, they still are grateful to God, thanking Him for the unexpected miracles He provides. The positive, uplifting worldview in ROUND OF YOUR LIFE is encouraging for everyone.


(CCC, BBB, L, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong Christian, moral worldview as the characters look to God throughout the movie for guidance, praying for each other and about situations during the harder times, a common theme being praying for a miracle and thanking God for it even if it wasn’t exactly the miracle the characters were expecting, characters rise above being bullied and “turn the other cheek” when not treated well, and main character begins to believe more and more that God can do miracles, with the help of the people around him

Foul Language:
Three light obscenities and one instance of a guy spitting on the ground out of disdain

No violence

No sexual content

No nudity

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Mild miscellaneous content including disrespect for elders and parents displayed, examples of cheating but reprimanded, and a high school bully is shown picking on the underclassmen but later shows regret for his actions.

More Detail:

ROUND OF YOUR LIFE is a sports drama about a high schooler who’s the son of a golf legend, and who must turn to God for a miracle after his father gets into a life-threatening car accident.

Taylor Collins is clearly not interested in making it onto the school golf team, which is all that his father wants for him. His father was previously a very successful professional golfer, and his older brother has followed suit. However, when Taylor gives minimal effort during the team tryouts, he doesn’t make the cut, much to the dismay of his father. Later, his dad is driving down the road when a teenage girl who is texting and driving collides with his car, putting them both in the hospital.

The doctor isn’t too positive about the father’s recovery. He tells the family that he appears to be in a coma. Blaming himself for this accident, Taylor pleads with his high school coach to give him another chance to make the team. The coach, however, is unhappy with the entitled attitude Taylor has exemplified thus far and refuses to give him another shot. Later, Taylor is playing a round with the team captain, who is years older, and much to the embarrassment of the captain, Taylor beats him. The coach happens to see this and agrees to allow Taylor onto the JV team.

Now, that he’s part of the athletics program, Taylor is approached by a young pretty girl who invites him to go to the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) meeting with her. She has heard about Taylor’s father and lets him know that she’s been praying for him and his family. He declines her invitation, not fully believing in a miracle as much as she does.

Now that Taylor is on the team, he’s been doing great at every tournament so far. His brother has been at home because of their father and has been helping Taylor out with his game. While at one tournament, his brother spots one of the varsity golfers cheating on the course. He records a video of it on his phone. Thus, before Taylor knows it, the coach is asking Taylor to move up to the varsity team and compete in the next tournament, replacing the cheating team member who’s been kicked off the team.

Meanwhile, Taylor finally decide to go with the girl, Bailey, to the FCA after she’s asked him many times. When he’s asked about needing prayer, even though he has a huge tournament coming up, he asks for prayer for his father because his condition seems to be getting worse. Now, Taylor has to pull it together to perform his best at the golf tournament, while relentlessly looking to God for a miraculous healing for his father.

Sadly, ROUND OF YOUR LIFE struggles with quality in many aspects of the production. For example, the ADR and Foley are not well mixed with the rest of the sound. Also, at times, the sound effects overpower the dialogue, making it almost totally unpleasant to the ears. The lighting in a lot of scenes is either blown out or totally flat and visually unstimulating. One of the major plot points, the father going into a coma from a car accident, doesn’t quite get there. The incident shown in the movie would warrant whiplash or a concussion at most, yet puts the father into a life-threatening coma and breaks the back of the other driver. That said, there are a few comical moments that do hit well, even though the dialogue and performances keep viewers from being fully immersed or becoming emotionally involved in the characters and their story.

Happily, though, ROUND OF YOUR LIFE does have some very strong Christian, biblical themes. The characters clearly allow themselves to be guided by God and look or pray to him for direction. When things don’t go the way they expect, they still are grateful to God, thanking Him for the unexpected miracles He gives. There are a few light obscenities, as well as a few examples of disrespect by a young man to his parents or other authorities. Despite the movie’s uneven quality, the positive worldview in ROUND OF YOUR LIFE is encouraging for everyone, making it acceptable for any age.